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I need a doctor Lansing MI


I live in Lansing MI and have had a suggestion by a Neurosurgeon that I have fibromyalgia, Rheumatologist appointment is still pending. BUT my family doctor is really not very helpful, rolled her eyes at the fibro possibility, doesn't really answer questions and has NEVER and I repeat NEVER touched me. SO much hands off doctoring these days. I don't get it. I need a good family doctor in the area, any suggestions


Hello Karenlee,

Not able to help with family doc, hope there will be someone on here who can (I from UK). You are so right in realising you do need a Doc who will take you seriously, and even has some interest in this condition. Good luck

Take care, Anne


I don't have a good family doctor but, Dr. Niti Thakur, Lansing Rhuematology is who diagnosed my Fibromyalgia. I went to her for my arthristist, she is good. She has helped me out. Good luck.


Im in Brighton Michigan and would also like to know if anyone knows of a good Dr. in or around the general area. Its so hard to find someone to take our condition seriously. I can hardly stand the pain much longer. This has been the worse 2 months I have ever had. Can hardly walk anymore. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


Hello, I have a doctor who is good and explains well and understands fibro. I first went to her for arthritis, and then she diagnosed me also with fibromyalgia.

Lansing Rheumatology, Dr. Niti Thakur, MD, 6200 Pine Hollow Dr Suite 400

east Lansing, Mi 48823

517-■■■■■■■■ website: lansingrhuematology.net

Expect to be in there for 2 or 3 hours. (not in the waiting room) You see a nurse, Doctor, then Dr. Thakur. They are good and caring. Good luck.


Thank you so much KK. I will call them