I made it!

I made it to my friends son grad 1 hr away and on Sat going to a wedding 5 hr away, going a day early so I can have a day to relax.

Makes you feel so good when you can do these things( I was in bed all the next day but it was worth it.

I hope everybody is having a day of little hurts.

Gentle hugs


Woo Hoo! So glad you did it! I'm thrilled for you! You are so wise to go a day early, be able to rest and relax before the event! My Granddaughter graduates the 7th. I have already talked it over with her, and she is okay that we will meet them at the restaurant immediately following, I honestly don't think my Mom and I can climb or sit the bleachers! We also offered to keep the boys. Tickets are very difficult to get as well, so it all worked out!

I hope that you have a ball at the Wedding, who knows, you may even feel well enough to dance a little, a bit of wine to loosen you up, and you're into it! Hope you have a lovely time!

Big hugs,


Thanks SK, I am so looking forward to this wedding..it is a second love, my friend lost her husband to cancer and new love lost his wife to cancer also.That is why , it is so important for me to go.We have been friends for a long time and when I lost my son she was there big time. Going to go and have a good time.

Will let you know how I did.


Vicky you’re doing great. Yes we may get payback but it’s worth it to get out of the house and socialize some. I found I spent too much time worrying about what was going to happen the next day(s) and missed opportunities I would have enjoyed. Now when I can, I go for it. Going a day earlier is a good idea, it’ll let you rest up and enjoy the wedding even more.

Have a great weekend.

Gentle hugs, B2chi

Oh, congratulations, Vicky! I read why it's so important for you to go to this wedding and think it's a beautiful story. It'll make a lovely occasion just that much more special. And who knows, maybe (hopefully) the three people you three lost will be looking on too, while watching over the three of you.

Have a lovely, lovely time. I hope your fibro gives you a pass for this ceremony.

Smiling over your upcoming trip,