I love my dog, what takes your mind off your fibro, or makes your days run better?

Often she is a pain and makes more work for me. Training her is helping with some problems.

But she forces me on walks, makes me get out of bed in the morning, and lays next to me when I am ill.

She gets me outside of myself. Oddly she makes me think more about what I am eating. If its not good

enough for my dog I should not be eating it.

She is not going to cure my fibro. But she makes my days more livable.

Aw that’s so sweet… I absolutely love animals. I wish my apt. allowed. They are a great escape from pain.

Do you have pic of your doggy you would like to share here?

I know what you mean. We have an 11 year old black lab, but he's mostly my husbands dog. So last may when I saw a shi zsu (spelling,, lol) pup in the paper I had to go buy it. Told my husband he was buying it for my birthday :). Anyway, turns out he was 8 months old and had never been outside an apartment in his life I had to save him. He was so matted and his nails were so long he couldn't walk on my bare floors. It took me a while to train him (2 weeks) but considering he'd never walked on grass or seen all this space he did pretty good. I love him, and your right, no matter how bad I feel he still needs to go out etc. But he's perfect, he loves to cuddle. Everyone should have a pet, this is why they allow therapy dogs in hospitals etc. Enjoy,hugs, Charlie

She is gorgeous. Lotta soul in those eyes… what’s her heritage? Name? Thank you for sharing! You are lucky to have her.

Alisa, she is a mountain cur, the same type of dog the pioneers used. She likes to run with the big dogs and horses but attacks small dogs. We are working on that. As a hunting dog she tends to lay around in the house and only comes to life outside, or at the window. Generally she can be found about two feet off my left side, all day in the house.

Her eyes are what got me. I went to the rescue to look at a different dog. All the other dogs were barking like fools but she just looked at me. She also did not chase cats when I walked her and let me touch her feet. Even the first day I could stick my fingers in her food dish and she just ate around me. Of course if I have a treat I need to toss it at her and keep my fingers away. lol

Coolest thing is that when I have bad dreams she licks me till I wake up. She is great at keeping the night time monsters away. I sleep so much better with her.

She sounds like a real beauty. And loyal to a "t." And someone who will protect you faithfully.

The eyes - the windows of the soul, even with a dog. It's good that you were able to establish an immediate bond with your dog. Sometimes it can take a while to get that bond. And, oh wow, I can see what you mean about her eyes. They're hypnotic! Reminds me of the Taco Bell dog's expression. (Yo quiero Taco Bell!)

One of our dogs is a medium sized bird dog and he really wants to be hunting. So instead of snatching birds, he snatches my sandwich, my vanilla pudding, my jewelry box, my books, my computer cable and, of course, my eyeglasses. Of course, he ate the last three items. Oh fun.


I think it is SO COOL that your dog can lick you awake from bad dreams and keep the night monsters away. This is the dog that everyone needs.

Dog lovingly,


Oh but you can get around the "no dogs" rule. Get a letter from your doc stating that you need a dog for depression. Then he becomes your therapy dog and he can live with you, even in your current location

Poor pup, Charlie! And how extremely lucky for him that you came along! Shi zsu need a lot of care and someone shouldn't own one who doesn't want to commit to the work.

Wishing you many, many years of happiness together,


Amazing, Alisa. And, indeed how cool she licks away nighttime baddies! Dogs are the best. They truly are!

They breed them, if you can believe that! They had 3 adult dogs in a tiny attic apt. He looked horrible an so sad.Now he's adorably cute and very happy :) Charlie

I can ask my doctor for a letter to have a therapy dog? That’s terrific!

lol the first few months we had a breaking in period. She is great about leaving my food be. but has chewed on all my reading glasses and finds pens and penciles if i leave them out. She also has a thing for taking knifes of the counter and walking around the house with them. I gave up and blocked the kitchen off on that one. Although nothing is funnier then when I am having a bad fibro day and the dog is looking at me with some odd object in her mouth and her ears perked up. Almost as if she is saying, I see your having a bad day so I am just going to entertain myself with this do you mind?

She bound to me really fast.Dogs usually do with me. After just a few days she was upset when I left her at a picnic with my mom so I could move the car a block. Alisa cried till I came back.