I LOVE my doctor!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share a bit of good news! Finally, after six years and 12,000 doctors (ok that's an exaggeration but it sure feels like it) I have found a WONDERFUL specialist for my fibro!!!

He listens to me, he understands my "mumbo-jumbo" that other people thought I sounded crazy for, and he BELIEVES me. It's taken so long to find someone who doesn't think I'm crazy and who isn't pushing a bunch of medications at me saying "try this it may work"!!!! He's a holistic doctor, has me on a TON of supplements, but i can say that after 6 weeks of being on them I'm already starting to see the difference! Only about 5% better but when you've been knocked down for so long, 5% feels like 75%!!! He is optimistic about my treatment and believes that i will have a great summer because I will feel like a whole new woman by the time it rolls around!!!

Stay positive my friends and if anyone out there is in the NJ/NY area and looking for a new specialist I can hook you up! ;)

Happy Tuesday my loves <3


So glad I seen this I had the best doctor ever wasn’t just my doctor but also an angel and a friend but she left now in need of new doctor live in NY how cool is this please send me info sooo excited think God sent you here to help me thanksmelissa

I’m so happy for you! Just saw doctors 7 & 8 last week, and felt better after seeing them. Found a great doctor who has me sleeping for the first time in about 33 years! Even the pain doctor who I wasn’t sure about spent an hour with. So rare! She put me on a low dose lyrica 25 mg. 2 x a day. It’s really increasing my pain levels and I feel like my muscles aren’t strong in my legs another. Thinking I’m getting a paradoxical effect like I got with the other 3 FMS drugs. She said our brains react differently to drugs because of the central nervous problems we have and depending where mine is effected, may play a part in what is going to work. I do have the name of a nurse practitioner who works with Fibro patients. I too want to be better this summer. I can’t feel like this much longer and continue to work. Again - I wish you the best - let us know how it is going in a few. weeks. hugs ~ Sandi

Thanks Sandi!!! I was on Lyrica in high school and had TERRIBLE side effects - ended up being hospitalized. I hope things get better for you really soon! I definitely recommend a supplement, holistic approach, it's working wonders for me!

So happy to hear this! glad you are feeling better! Good for you!!! I recently found a GREAT doctor for mine as well and just that alone helps a ton!!


Congratulations Somehearts! I wish I lived in the NY/NJ area. No, I really can't complain about my doctors. Happy you found one who will listen. Sounds like you're an answer to Mel's prayer! So great.

L Kitty

He is a holistic doctor, therein lies the difference. I never used to believe in all that alternative stuff, now I know for us it works!! Great news!! Barb

Hi eveyone, great to hear that there are good Dr's out there. Iam at my wits end. I am under a GP Practice where you dont get to see the same doctor more than twice! not good when you have a chronic condition and over the last 10 years its getting progressively worse, as I have the CFS/ME to contend with too. I live in Birmingham, UK and the system here dont seem to help people with illness quite like ours!! Iam looking to go private - with alternative therapy! Just dosent seem fair that there is only a few good Dr's to go around... If anyone as good any holisitic tips and vitamins to take - please let me know - love to all, Karin ;-)x

No one takes me seriously who can do anything. I want action.

Hi Kate, I'd love to hear the list of supplements your new doc has recommended. The only meds I take for pain is Advil. I'm all about holistic/natural remedies/supplements. I too saw 13 doctors in less than 6 years. That was over 20 years ago. As I get older (now 66) the pain is worse. Thanks in advance! Lori

Hi Lori!!! Well a bunch of my levels were off. We did a LOT of bloodwork. My insulin was WAY high so I'm on Metformin for that, my yeast levels were high so I'm on Nystatin to lower that, My thyroid is low so I'm on thyromine for that. Im lacking in progesterone so I'm on Progesterone for that (and two others that help but I cant recall the names at the moment) My iron was low so i take iron supplements, and I now take Revitalizing Sleep Formula at night to help with fatigue


I don't blame you! It is SO FRUSTRATING! But don't give up, you'll find someone who believes you! You always have us though!!!

Hi Karin! Wow I've never heard of a doctors practice where you dont see a doctor more than twice that's so strange! I hope you find someone who can help you!

I never believed in holistic medicine and therapies either! Now I swear by them!!! Why push drugs into your system when you can give it natural supplements that will teach it to heal itself over time!!!

Hi Mel! I sent you a message with his information I hope you got it!

That is wonderful to hear Kate. I myself am looking into acupuncture as a treatment for my fibromyalgia pain. I believe that we have a chronic condition that is very complicated in treating and sometimes medication does work but I myself have been on a zillion pills and did not deal well with the side effects. I am hoping that medication and alternative treatments may finally give me some relief and a more normal life. May your condition improve greatly Kate!!!!!!!


Thank you so much ladybug3!!!! I hope yours improves as well!!! I'm looking into some massage techniques as well. Can't do the acupuncture because of my phobia of needles. It would be a mess hahaha

Good for you, somehearts! I am so very happy for you! A good Dr is such a plus towards feeling our best! I feel this way about my Drs too, and know just how fortunate I am! Hang on tight to him!

Oh I will! I've been joking that if I get a job in another state after graduation I'm taking him with me!!!

Congratulations, Somehearts. I'm glad you've found someone who listens to you and is helping to reduce your pain. That's a real breakthrough moment, isn't it, to know that at least some of the pain can be managed? I hope you do have a great summer. Please keep us posted on your progress.