I just wanr it to end!

This illness is slowly taking every bit away from me. my relationships have gone to hell I’m not sure if I’ll have a place to stay soon I can’t get help from many state agencies I’m just sick of being in pain tired and exhausted and almost everyday. I’ll is in Northeast Pennsylvania and it’s 5 degrees outside and I don’t know its on the living out there soon scary and depressing and it hurts I didn’t ask for this I sure as hell don’t want this and I have no out feeling so I don’t know what I’m going to do or where I’m going to go I just know I can’t live like this anymore. they cancelled my benefits as of the first of the month so my income is limited I have no transportation to get around to my doctors and I’m lost right now are really bad bad spot and no matter how much I try to do the house and never seen like it enough I just gotta go and I don’t know where and I need to knowhow all I know is that I need help and I don’t know where to turn to get it

i know how heavy your heart is and the frustrating and desperate situation you are in. My heart goes out to you. I was wondering if you have any family members that can help. have you reached out ? I think it is a time that you should reach out to some family that may help you in some way. You never know unless you ask. Try not to 'assume' what any one will say or if they can help you or not. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that a way becomes known for you very soon.

for now i send you much love


I am having and have had days just like you described. Talking to other people about it does help and also reading up and watching videos of different people with Fibro and how they deal with this condition. It helps me!

I'm sad you are struggling on somany levels. It makes it hard to think straight, and is a vicious cycle - stress, then worsening health and feeling low. I am so glad you posted. Reach out to family, and ask for a helping hand until you can figure out what to do next. Not a hand out, but helping hand. The United Way, if in the US has a hotline, puts people in touch with proper charities and organizations where you can perhaps begin to find help. Just call local United way, exlpain your situation, they will give you the number to call. Food pantries, shelters, temporary programs to get you on your feet, medical help, etc.

wishing you the best.

My friend,

You are going through so much right now and it sounds like it is you, by yourself. I know exactly how that feels as that is me most of the time. I struggle with the fact that I do not hear from friends and family unless I CALL THEM. In the early days, Fibrmyalgia took away so much of the pride I had that I was willing to do or say anything to anyone in order to get what I needed. Once I knew I'd be at home, my wife and I adopted a retired rescuse greyhound and I told one of the biggest lies of my life in order to keep a dog that was 70 pounds (The apartment complex had a limit of 25 pounds).

The bottom line is that welcoming FM into your life means that you are going to have to do and say things you never thought you'd ever do or say. Others have suggested what I would say to you. If you need money, I'll wager there are people in your life who have it. You would rather do anything rather than ask them (have you ever seen Jack Nickolson, Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear in the Oscar Wining movie "As Good As It Gets"? Greg Kinnear plays an artist who is violently attached and during his recovery, he loses all his possesions. About to lose his conndo, he gathers the courage to call his parents, who had disowned him because he was gay).

We do not choose our family. Who knows, perhaps they will surprise you. I wish you the very best. You are in my prayers.