I just really need to say this

This is such a wonderful support site with absolutely wonderful people who are in it. And I really want to thank the admins and all who put it all together. And I want to thank you all for the wonderful friendships I have made here. With much Love.


Hello gramy thank you for your lovely post I too am so glad I discovered the site and I am now so happy to be one of the moderators although we have never met we are like an extended family and care about each other. Hope you are well and managed to enjoy the Festive Season as best you could. Love Annette.


Amen, GBear! :purple_heart:
To have a place you can go where everyone “gets” you is extraordinary! Especially for those of us who suffer in silence and have days when it may seem that there is no hope for a bright future.
Thank you, wonderful moderators and friends, for lifting me up and making this a safe place to share from my :heart:

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