I hope everyone had a good weekend?

I have not been feeling well at all today. Still have a wet cough and trouble breathing. I need to call my doc tomorrow and ask if she will add a chest x-ray along with my neck x-ray due to pain on both sides of my neck in the back. Anyway, on with some quotes!

  1. Oh, so you can’t see my disability, so I must be faking it right? I can’t see your brain, but you claim you have one

  2. My mind says, “Get Up” My body says, “Bite Me”

  3. Can I order a replacement bod please, this one is constantly malfunctioning.

  4. If I wanted to fake an illness, I’d choose something people would believe!

  5. Just because I do what I have to do doesn’t mean I don’t pay a price for it. Just because the pain it costs me isn’t lit up in neon for you doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because I suffer privately, doesn’t make it less. What it does mean is I’m a fighter, a warrior, because I refuse to give up or quit fighting. So, I ask you not to judge me.


LOL #2!!! Some days, don’t you just want to tell your body that?:


Here’s a funny one!:

GramyB: I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. Yes, please get with your doctor and be better real soon, my friend!!! :purple_heart:

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