I haven't forgotten all of you

Hi everyone. A quick note to let you know I’ve been dealing with a horrific Fibro Flair on top of new lower back pain, anxiety and depression. I’ll be back when I can with some new quotes and hopefully help others. Love and Hugs to all


Sorry you are suffering Grammy I am here wgen you want to talk. Annette

Sorry to learn of your struggles with pain, anxiety and depression. Having to deal with one of these is bad enough, then to add the other 3 can make doing anything nearly impossible. I pray this flair ends very, very soon and you can find relief from the back pain, depression and anxiety. Hopefully, as the weather improves so will all of your misery! Soft (((((hugs))))) :hugs: to you. :heart:

Love you, GBear! Hang in there, my friend! Saying prayers for you :heart:

Gramybear, just checking in - Are you feeling any better??? I’m sure that the anxiety and depression are just as bad to deal with as the back pain. Having experienced lower back pain for years, I can sympathize. Has your doctor suggested having injections in your back? Is this something you might be interested in?
Girlfriend, you have come through so much - I am sure that you can also get through this! Please know that we’re all thinking of you and missing you! Sending love & prayers, my friend :heart:

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