I haven't felt like this in a long time

For the last year I've been on Cymbalta. The doctor said sometime Fibro can be related to depression and that is why in a lot of cases anti depressants seem to really help. No I am seriously wondering if I don't have a depression problem too. I do my best to be positive and not see the negative. Today though I was doing fine till the evening. I actually removed some of my friends from my notification feed. April Fools day is NOT the day to take someones anti depressants away. Not to mention the "friends" and "family" that claim they want to do something to help you. Then when you ask for help they find reasons to not help. Sheesh don't offer then. I guess one is out for the world of facebook to see and then when you message them the laugh and say oh no I can't do that.

See what I mean about depressed. My body aches all over my toes my fingers my face and everything in between. I can't lay down I can't sit. I just well I'm sure everyone here knows how I feel right now. I have been silently crying to myself all night so I don't irritate my husband. It feels unbearable. I think before I had learned to block a lot of the physical pain (I could cut myself or burn myself and not realize t) but now my body can't deal. I HURT!

Thanks for being here so I can vent


Uhm that's Now I am seriously wondering. Guess I'm having a hard time even typing hard enough that the keys can feel it.

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I also think talking with your doctor would be a good ideal since you have been on the cymbalta for a while now he may want to change it or add to it. Have you thought of going to mental health that way you could see a counslor at least once a month and they can help with meds for depression. I think venting is very good for us. Keep us posted on how things are going with you

I've been taken off the Cymbalta to try other more "cost effective" medications because the insurance company knows more than the doctor. I mean it work! But nooo insurance doesn't want to pay for it now. So we tried Nortriptylin and it gave me headaches, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, increased buzzing in my ears, and didn't do a dang thing for the pain. Friday we will move on to another medicine. We wanted to increase my Cymbalta and that's when the insurance freaked and said that the doctor had to find something else because THEY didn't think it was right for me. Sorry feeling a little bitter about the insurance company. They don't have a medical degree, they didn't take the BAR exam and pass, THEY DO NOT have the right to say they know more than the doctor that treats us. grrrrrr!

I'm exhausted now so maybe I will try sleeping.

Hi cooksalot,

I'm really sorry you are feeling so bad right now. I'd talk to your dr about how your feeling and see if he thinks it would help to see a therapist who could also prescribe meds. My primary dr managed my depression in the beginning and then referred me to a therapist.

As it was explained to me the connection of depression and fibro is being in so much pain does and all the changes we have to deal with can cause depression. I've been on Cymbalta for quite awhile with great success for my depression but I'm on the maximum dosage. I also wanted to make sure you know Cymbalta now has a generic which is a lot less expensive.

Let us know how things are going.

Gentle Hugs,

Dottie S.

hi.. as for me i dont believe i suffer from depression.. i know that many of the ant'depressant drugs and epileptic drugs are also being used to treat pain as well. i do have to take anti epileptic drugs as i have history of gran mal siezures that began after a severe case of cfids ( aka cfs /me).. so i have to take drugs for that. but the drugs for depression dont help me in any way and ,make me sick. I will soon see my neuro doc and tell him not to give me any anti'd drugs. they are just not for me. sure i am not thrilled with being so disabled for so many years but i am not depressed. really. I do have anxiety . i will admit to that. anyway so as not to write you a novel about my journey... i will send you much love and HUGGGGGS

Your doctor can file an appeal so they have to review the decision again. I would ask your doctor to please be sure to write every possible reason you need Cymbalta into your medical records.

However, you can also write to the company that makes it and ask for financial assistance. If you qualify, they'll give it to you for free for 6 months. Here is the link: http://patientassistance.com/profile/elilillycompany-414/

Furthermore, generic Cymbalta is coming very soon: http://www.webmd.com/depression/news/20131212/generic-cymbalta-antidepressant

There is no reason you should have to be in that sort of pain. It's inhumane. Please try to apply for the free version. There is also a coupon at their website, so maybe you could use it in the meantime. I know that I got Lyrica this way and I got approved and got the drug pretty quickly.

And yes, you could be suffering from depression. The pain can generate the depression. Literally. The agent that causes fibro also causes depression and anxiety. SK just put an article up about it a few days ago or last week. You might need something additionally for the depression. You should ask your doctor about this.

I hope this is helpful to you. Hang in there. Help is available!

Hugs and much sympathy,


Sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. I know how you feel. Some days are really hard. But the doctor needs to help figure out a way to help you. Have you tried anything for the pain… I’m on cymbalta but the pain didn’t stop until lyrica was added. I know a lot of people can’t take it, but luckily for me it is helping, for now.



I see now you’ve been taken off cymbalta… The generic is perfect I’m on it, see if you can get your doctor to get you back on it… :slight_smile:

according to the pharmacy and the insurance it's not cheaper. I have the choice of either for the same cost. The generic contains blue#1 which breaks me out in hives and other allergic reactions. So that was a no go.

We used doctor samples to try increasing it and it actually helped. I mean I was really surprise at how much better I felt. I was asleep before midnight and up at 6-7am feeling great. Then when we tried to tell the insurance they freaked and said they weren't going to cover my Cymbalta at all unless I tried other lower cost choice. That's fine by me if it works but so far the pain and misery has been on the verge of unbearable. Thankfully the snow went away today and it didn't snow like predicted. I feel better I think I will be able to sleep tonight. I just don't know what else is out there to try. I see him Friday and I guess we try a new plan of attack. If not it will have been the third fail and the insurance wants us to try at least 3 other drugs before they will approve me having my Cymbalta back.

I used my 6 months already probably why the insurance wants a way out. The generic has Blue#1 and I am allergic to it as in hives, problems breathing etc. Why is it so expensive is my question. The generic turned out was the same price. WHAAA?


No generic for me cost the same not matter which and I don't like anaphylaxis so the generic is out. Are you taking both Lyrica and Cymbalta or just the Lyrica now? My husband couldn't take Lyrica so we have been avoiding it but maybe I will be able to take it and I think the insurance still has it on a lower tier. They moved the Cymbalta from the tier where it's $50 to the non- covered tier too. Funny it happened when the doctor tried to change my medication.

Hi Vicky:

I'm sorry you are having such a tough time right now. I think a huge part of the challenge we face is that nothing stays the same, our symptoms or reactions are always changing, at least that is what happens for me.

I'm glad you are venting, this is an excellent place. Sometimes hearing someone else's story can help too. I've started a blog for this purpose as well as awareness: dancingintherain-always.blogspot.com

Most recently, I've talked about the difficulty of friendships and how hard it is to be on your own: http://dancingintherain-always.blogspot.com/2014/03/beauty-lost.html

Huge Hugs from me, because this kind doesn't hurt,



Google..... Dr Rodger Murphee Alabama ....explains it all . A GOD sent !! I skyped with him 2 months ago ....feel so much better !!

Hello cooksalot,
I’m taking them both now. I started cymbalta the added lyrica.
Does your insurance cover savella, I hear it is similar to cymbalta. Remember some people can’t take things like lyrica and some of us can. I think it’s worth a try. Also since your not on cymbalta, have you tried tramadol… I found this to work really good for the pain.
I hope you’re feeling better.