I have a question

Do any of you have problems with your scalp hurting. I was ready to cut my hair off, my scalp hurt so bad. IT even hurt to wash my hair. Is this a fibro problem, or could something else be going on. My next dr. appt is in June. I appreicate any imput. Sue

Sue, I haven't experienced it, except for tenderness around the crown at times BUT I Googled "scalp hurts fibro," and got a lot of hits. So apparently yes, this can be a fibro symptom. Here's just one discussion on it:

It's interesting to note that one person says that her doctor told her it's almost always nerve related. Who'd have thought that nerve pain could affect your scalp? But it can!

Hope this helps, Sue.

Have you any other symptoms, I have recently been dx with trigeminal neuralgia and this is one of the symptoms related to this.

How long have you had the pain? Not trying to scare you or anything but my scalp hurt like that for 2 days before I got shingles.

sue, I do have this problem as well, as a hair stylist for 17 years now, I can tell you it MORE THAN LIKELY is Fibro. As Im not a doc, I cant be sure. I dread washing my hair, cuz it hurts even to touch. There have been days I would have shaved my head if the hair grew back overnight.

I also have Trigeminal Neuralgia which can cause that as well, so it is hard for me to differentiate some of the symptoms, whether it is Fibro, or TN.

Thanks everyone for your imput, I was about ready to cut my hair off the other night. I thought maybe the weight of my hair has something to do with it too. My hair is past my shoulders, but I leave it long enough to put up because I can't stand it on my neck in the summer time. Its just to hot and my hair stays wet underneath if I leave it down. I can't seem to win in this situation. Fibro what fun. Sue

Hi Sue,

Yes, I have what they refer to as scalp tenderness, never used to be a 'tender head'. This is a question asked by the Rheumatologist on the form I complete at each visit. It seems that most of the things that a Rheumatologist treats, including Fibro, the patients have scalp tenderness.


Hi, oh yes I can relate to that. It’s funny because I have never told my doctors for fear they would think I am crazy, or hysterical. But yes I do get that every now and then, it feels like your hair hurts!

Oh honey, it must be so hard to be comfortable when your scalp hurts like that. Does it ever get better? And the weird bugs crawling sensation is just another fibro symptom. These are strange sensations, aren't they? It's hard to believe that our bodies can figure out all of these ways to hurt.

I hope you and Sue get some relief on this. I truly don't have a clue as to how to treat it though. Maybe Lyrica or Cymbalta? If you've not already talked to your doc about treatment, it's worth a shot to.

I don't know if it has anything to do with fibro either, but my hair and scalp hurts to be touched and if I've had my hair pulled up in a ponytail, it hurts when I take it down. Crazy, but even brushing my hair hurts. I have not addressed this yet with my doc, but plan to next visit! If you get any answers, I would appreciate you passing them on. Thanks and I hope you are having a blessed day!

Hi Sue, yes, I have always had a very tender scalp and have actually developed psoriasis on my crown. It's very painful and I hate washing my hair. I never actually put it together with the fibro until recently. I have very fine hair that is also starting to thin a lot and just thought it was the "norm". It has been suggested t me that I shave my head and wear a wig but I can't even tolerate wearing a hat! I feel for you Sue.



Yes!!! It is very painful. I find out new places of pain . I told doctor about it and he t dismissed it.

Hi Sue, I myself have not experienced this ( unless I have a migraine), but I remember when I was younger and my mother (years before she was diagnosed with fibro) telling us her hair hurt. We thought she was just hurting so bad all over that it just seemed like her hair hurt, now I can tell her that it was probably her fibro. Hope you find relief quick :slight_smile:

Hi Sue,

bless you. Yes i suffer dreadfully with my scalp 'on fire'. I have very long curly hair which seems to be getting straighter , dryer and thinner. It does hurt to wash hair so I try to use dry shampoo and wash less frequently. Please dont cut your hair its your scalp! Try to keep your scalp as cold as possible - i find it eases slightly. Things like cold bags, chillow pillow, chilled wheat bag, cool ventilator air but not directly to head - near it. Weight hasnt anything to do it with in my case .. its just the damn fibro - it hits everywhere. Stay cool - tie it up loosely bun or pony tail. I have fibro every part of my body - even my eye lid. This is a wicked wicked disease. Have found aspirin eases the 'on fire' symptoms slightly - have you tried it?.

You are in my prayers

mads x

I don’t really have pain in my scalp but lately my head feels really hot!! and I do get that creepy crawly feeling, some days I want to just shave my head!! Hope it gets better for you:)

Hi Kholmes,

yes my eyelid right one mostly. Lid feels swollen, uncomfortable... pressure on the eye. Its not nice sensation. Thought it might be that same numb feeling get in limbs - lose sensation - i dont know. Im sure im going crazy with this. I feel my eye is drooping sometimes - i check - its not. When tired or when i wake up its really bad . If i didnt know better would think i have a massive lump there - i havent . Yes it feels similar to sinus trouble. Also when 'tired' , im always tired i get sniffy like coming down with cold - again im not its just this damn fibro thing. I feel like i got flu 24/7.

How long have you had fibro? You sound like you have similar symptoms to me. I was knocked off my feet overnight 5 months ago. I wonder if there is a natural progression to symptoms or specific triggers... Im losing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you get tremors too?

God bless