I got my "official" diagnosis!

I went to the rheumatologist in North Little Rock (Arkansas) yesterday (Dr. Alina Voinea). We talked about what all is going on, she looked over tests from my other doctors, and she poked around on me some (tender points). She said I for sure have fibromyalgia, increased the mg of my Cymbalta from 30 to 60, and wrote a prescription so I can get 120 of my gabapentin a month...she said that way I'll have 4 available per day (some days I may need more and some days I may need less). She was very sweet and friendly, knowledgeable about fibro, and I'd totally recommend her to anyone. She answered any questions I had and suggested other things (things I knew about and you guys have suggested: Epsom salt baths, yoga or tai chi, stretching, heating pads or blankets, Two Old Goats lotion, avoiding stress, taking time to relax, etc.).

Hi Smalltowngirl, I am happy you found a doctor who is so knowledgeable and caring, that is great. I hope the medications bring some relief. Hugs!!!!

The best part is I've only really been feeling bad since March or April. I know many of you dealt with this for years before getting a diagnosis and I truly hate that. I'm thankful I was able to find such caring doctors that knew about this condition and were willing to start treating it quickly.

I am happy you found a doctor who is so knowledgable and supportive. It helps with finding the balance of meds and lifestyle changes to manage this disease. And sometimes just getting the diagnosis, being able to put a name to what we are suffering from, reduces our stress. Sending you many hugs.

i am glad it sounds like you have a good rapport with your doctor. that is always one of the battles for many.. all the best to you and HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


short note as i am on the way out with my hubby shortly.. ttys