I Found Out I Have Knee Arthritis

I went to my doctor today because my knees, left knee especially, have been hurting a lot lately. And oddly enough my middle finger on my left hand hurts like crazy too. Upon examination she told me that I have arthritis in all of these joints. So yippy for me. I am 34 and I am now arthritic.

I get to see my orthopedic doctor whom I have not seen since he operated on my broken ankle. He is really nice and I am lucky to have him as an orthopedic.

The odd thing is that my horse was diagnosed with arthritis in his hocks this summer. The hocks are the horses equivalent to our knees. And he is pretty young too.

And finally I have bursitis in my left shoulder from when my horse bucked me off while we were galloping about a year ago. I went through physical therapy after it happened and it got better. But it too has been hurting a lot lately too.

I think I want a new body! :)l

Hello Anne

My knees have been hurting me for quite some time, so my doctor ordered x-rays.These x-rays concluded that I have otheoarthritis. Just one more challenge to work with. The osteoarthritis in my right knee is moderate to severe. It's in several other joints including my hands.

Gentle hugs


I receive every 6 mths a cortisone shot and then a week later I receive a series of 6 shots of Supartz in my left knee, for 6 weeks. I call it my lube job, I also have arthritis and this injection is help me put off having a knee replacement. Ask your doctor if your interested or if you need this.

Dear Anne,

You have my sympathies, my dear. Arthritis with Fibromyalgia are surely not a fun combination! Did your Dr tell you what kind of arthritis? We have a rather new subgroup, of this very title. I try to keep up with all of the latest meds for all the different types of arthritis, and post them for viewing and discussion.

My knees haven't been x-rayed, but I would not doubt the presence there, even though the type I have mainly targets the spine as it is still systemic, meaning it affects every cell of the body.

May I suggest that a Rheumatologist be in your future, if not already, it is my firm and lasting belief that they need to be in our lives, no one knows more about arthritis, especially the autoimmune type.

Love and hugs,


I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, tried various drugs, lived in a knee brace for a year. Nothing seemed to help. There was no cartilage seen on x-rays. Had arthrosopic surgery. Then knee replacement surgery then i was diagnosed with fibro. Please take your time and get more than one opinion.

You poor thing! We all go through so much - don't we?? For the past few months, both my knees have been hurting really bad. Especially at night. Sometimes, when I am walking, one of the knees will 'give out' causing me to almost fall. I am getting this checked out soon. But, I think I have a diagnosis already......Arthritis! I am pretty sure this is what is going on. I had Bursitis of the left shoulder many years ago - no fun! Take care of yourself! Laurie

Thanks you all! I was told it was osteoarthritis. I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis in April 2011 - my doctor looked that up this past visit just to make sure we had in fact tested for that. Laurie, my knees have been hurting but when I sit down it is getting harder and harder to stand up. And if I squat down then getting up is next to impossible. I feel so old! :slight_smile:

Arlene, do you mind my asking where the shot is given in the knee? My knee has been killing me (fibro related, I guess) and pain mgmt doc said to do a cortisone shot but others said it's wicked painful and didn't help for fibro. So I'm curious to know how it works for arthritis, and where it goes?

I'm amazed that the injection is staving off a knee replacement - well I guess that answers my first question!

Yes, those things are terrible, aren't they?

Anne, I'm sorry that you're sufffering with osteo. Who knew that it could be so painful and limiting? I always thought it was just a very minor inconvenience, maybe like a sprinkling of it in the hands. I don't think that Americans are educated enough on it, and they should be.

I guess the "good" news is that it isn't RA. Stinks that there's no treatment for osteo though. Especially for someone as young as you. I don't even understand how someone your age could get osteo. How in the world do the joints find time to wear down when you're in your early 30's? It's probably to do with the fibro, one way or another. If nothing else, the fibro is amplifying the osteo pain, along with the shoulder pain.

As for your arthritic middle finger, I was ALMOST convinced that you were a 1960's protestor, lol.

BTW, your dog (if it's yours) is utterly gorgeous.

Hi Anne - I know what you mean about it being harder to stand up. Unfortunately, this problem doesn't get better. The knees just get weaker and weaker, to the point where, I feel, it can barely hold up my weight - and I am thin! I can literally feel my knees, sometimes, just straining when I am trying to stand up and having to bend over and down to pick something up. If I am on the floor doing some of my crafts - (this is funny!)..... and I want to get up, there is no way I can do it on my own. So, I crawl over to one of the pieces of furniture I have and rest my arms and elbows on them and hoist myself up. Hooray!! I am once again on my feet - just barely!! LOL Laurie

Hi Anne, I also suffer many long term injuries from being thrown from horses, I lost track of how many times I went flying, one accident was really bad, as I was so lucky to Be alive, so I can empathize with your shoulder injury.
I still love to ride, but it’s a risk we take… Personally I think it’s worth it, I do so now only for pleasure as its just great stress reduction, I don’t over do it, as I can’t anymore !!
I’m sorry about your arthritis and your horses also, I’m so glad you have each other !!! That’s so odd, you both have arthritis, you know what they say … You are one with your horse…
Hugs & blessings

Hi Dee - are you another horse lover?? I am too. I rode for many years and had a beautiful Palomino, named FrostyI .I was little then, so I wasn't too original with the name for my horse!! I rode for many years, but like you, I got thrown quite a bit and when the Fibro really started to settle in, I had to be realistic and stop. I really miss riding but it's for my own safety. Laurie


May I ask what your Dr prescribed for you, and if you felt any relief yet? I'm not sure if these are the type of meds that need to build up in your body of if you get instant relief. I surely do hope so! This is about the only type of arthritis that is NOT autoimmune. The good part about that, if there is one, is that it is NOT a systemic disease that causes your immune system to go into overdrive and attack your body.

Here is a list of meds used to treat OA. I wish you success with one, and hopefully it will be the first one you try!


Love and hugs,


I am also very sorry that your horse is suffering! They are beautiful animals, I was raised with a mare (quarter horse) and her colt and used to ride nearly every day. I have some very fond memories.

I just discovered I have osteoarthritis in my hips and back. It is so much fun to get a new ailment every visit. I am on calcium and D with it. I did not want any of those yearly pills or shots because of the side-effects. Mine was determined through a bone scan.

Take care.