I Forgot Where I Was Going.. Again

Is there anyone else who can be standing at the kitchen counter making a sandwich, thinking that you will get a glass of tea to drink with your sandwich, immediately after making the sandwich you turn to start walking and find your self heading into the living room with the left over lunch meat in your hand, instead of going to the fridge? What is that all about?

Try not to laugh at me too hard but I do this ridiculously A lot I need to tell people or talk to my self out loud to sort of soft of guide myself.. I cook its a good stress reducer it helps me think.. it is not uncommon for me to do something like begin to brown pasta or rice to begin the process of infusing flavor and color into my foods with tomatoes or begin browning meats or put on a pot of stews to cook and because I cook with heavy iron pots since they disperse heat the best Ill begin to hurt so ill go grab something to help me stand or sit, or the phone will ring or ill walk into my room if its time for my meds and Ill absolutely forget Im cooking. One time I even took a "nap" and woke up just in time to turn it off right before it began to burn of course they say take it easy but i wasnt gonna waste food so I ran in the kitchen as fast as i could and saved the food .. and then i felt a sharp twist all of a sudden the food is saved but Im stuck in a semi bent position in the kitchen trying to put back an extra can and all I can think of is well i saved the food but OUCH!! did i have to go and forget the damend food


I'm glad I posted this. I feel better now. I also do this when I drive, I want to go straight then all of a sudden I'm turning to go to the other store. I just don't know sometimes. I keep asking myself "WHY' LOL,

I forget what I’m doing, why I picked up my phone, why I walked into a room and what I was going to say 100x a day. I miss turns when I am driving, and I just forgot what I was going to type next. Seriously! Oh yea, I forget ingredients while shopping and have to go back when I am ready to cook dinner. I have reminders on my phone that alarm for so many things. I usually double the alarms too. I write notes and lists so I can remember what I need to accomplish that day. When I get up from my recliner, I have to repeat to myself, “bathroom, then water, get mint, throw clothes in dryer.” If I don’t, I’ll never remember. It’s incredibly frustrating since I used to be UBER organized. I was that person who was in control, always on-time and prepared. Not anymore. My friends don’t understand at all what has happened to me.

Oh, please! I can do you one better! LOL…I went into the bathroom THREE times yesterday before I remembered to take off my nail polish! The worst thing was driving and not recognizing every day landmarks. I’ve learned not to get upset but to just keep driving as it will pass sooner or later. Haven’t ended up in China yet! LOL

Just try to keep smiling through the fog…it’s one of my least worries at this point.

I LOVE IT, LMAO..... You all have made me laugh thank you. Some of the silly things that I do, I'm blaming the fibro fog.

Somedays I have no clue what I’m doing. I’ll be wondering around the flat picking things up and wondering if that’s what I’m looking for.
F****ing fog

you guys make me feel better

"Oh My Gosh!".... I thought I was the only one who did that one (laughing).

I often talk to a friend and even my own sister and.. all of a sudden I forget their name. It's not just for a few minutes either. Sometimes it won't come to me till later in the day. I'm glad I don't call my mom by her name.. otherwise, I would be in BIG trouble.. lol

As someone has said - I am always writing myself notes. Even for simple things that I want to get done that day. Oh.. and my calendar is loaded with things that most people would never even consider writing on it. Like: 1 'clock tomorrow, lunch with Steve. I have to, or else when I wake up there's a good chance I won't remember it. Unless they call and ask me why I'm not there... ha ha

It's a good thing you don't have a 'Chinatown' in your area or else you might think you did.. lol

My kitchen table looks the same way. It took me a month to get everything into one pile. Then it took me 12 hours to sort it all out. Worn out by that, I took a day off, then separated everything and that took me 10 hours, and then the next day it took me a few more hours to find enough folders to stick all the paper work in.

I still can't find my finger nail file, this is the 5th time since January that I lost it. Now I have another pile I've started in another room. And I'm frustrated right now trying to type this message. I keep spelling almost every word backwards.

But I love to hear everyone sharing the same kinds of forgetfulness !!!! Makes me feel so much better.


LMAO, it is so funny... I'm glad I'm not the only one... and your not alone either.. LOL

I also have my calendar marked up for events and dates to not forget. The calendar in my phone is full of the same things on my calendar, but I get reminders that make sounds so I am alerted to them. Plus the notes I tape to my front door, yes my front door. I put them in places I usually have to look at through my day. I don't know how I do sometimes. LOL


If it wasn't for "spell check", I don't think anyone could make sense on what I wrote. Unless they know pig-latin.. lol I use to be good at spelling but, now I can't remember how to spell even the most common words. Luckily I talk better than I write (hee hee).

Ben :)

OMGoodness, I did not know that Fibro fog was responsible for this, I just thought it was me. This is an eureka moment for me. I forget what I am saying so often it is embarrassing and I end up standing there looking stunned - deer in the headlights. LOL. It even happens at work. I have to write down everything that I need to do, especially if it is something slightly different outside my normal routine. Went to the store the other day with my daughter to pick up some soup for dinner, the only thing I was going to pick up....spent a fortune came out with two bags of products and had to go back to the store five minutes later because I forgot to pick up the soup. My 14 year old forgot too, so I feel somewhat better, hehehe! I rarely have hot coffee because by the time I remember I made it, it is cold. LOL. I so relate to what others are saying. I never knew this was fibro fog, I feel so enlightened. Thank you for starting this as it has been an eye opener, and it is so comforting to know that it is part of the illness not just me. Does Fibro fog reduce ones focus too? Because I now have the attention span of a gnat. Have to reread instructions so many times to get it when following a recipe, or a letter, I will have forgot what was in the first paragraph by the time I get to the last, and there are only three paragraphs. It is like I can't focus at all.

You people are the best!!! Thanks for sharing your stories. You have made me smile.


I can relate! I do this often. Either fibro fog or just too many things going on in our minds I presume...

I've been on the phone talking and started wondering what time it was. So I started looking around for a clock which I could not find, then I started wondering where my cell phone went. I couldn't find the clock or my cell phone. So I start getting wound up because I lost my cell phone and when I finally got the break in listening to my friend, I said to her I lost my cell phone, She says its in your ear... I felt so stupid... LMAO.... Oh what is there to change this mixed up lady???

LOL! No kidding!

Okay, I know I'm a fibro fog sufferer, but I'm not crazy.... I was just browsing through all of our discussions and found one that has a letter in it that gives detail to what we as fibro sufferers go through. The member who posted it said it was from a fibro national website? I am not exactly sure. But I was making a comment to it and the page froze up when I clicked on add reply. So, I cut the text I typed and refreshed the page, but the page disappeared. Now I don't know which discussion I was in. I've checked every discussion in the last ten pages.

I know I'm not crazy, LOL. Just don't see what I'm looking for this time.

If anyone might have an idea of which discussion I am talking about please let me know. I will tell you a blonde joke too.

I wanted a copy of it so that I could use it in case I got stuck in another battle with a non believer.


It might have been: "What is Fibro Flare here are 10 causes". It's under "blogs" and Alesandra wrote it. If that's not the one, this is still interesting reading. I copied it and saved it to my files a while back (hee hee).