I dunno what to do or how to cope anymore

I havnt been diagnosed as yet but seeing rhuemo doctor in oct i know i have fibro as i have all symptoms nd rght now i am in pain everyday i cnt function normal through tiredness my anxiety and depression are going through the roof no one is listening and understands …i feel i just want to hide away nd not talk or see anyone as i feel like a nagging old woman …going from a bubbly active popular person to this is really dragging me down , painkillers dont help much nd make me feel even more tired im sure…any advice to make me my mood/pain a bit more bearable please.

I am sorry you are in a lot of pain and no one is listening. I am assuming you are not pleased with your medical doctor. Perhaps you can at least get treated for the anxiety and the depression by seeing a psychiatrist whose job is to listen and appropriately treat you. Just a thought. I wish you well

Have you been able to read thru the Complementary Therapies discussion section yet?

Come & Vent anytime you wish!

I try to come on here at least once a day to see if I can help anyone of course some folks have beat me to it. M

I will have a visit luna and that is exactally how i feel right now ‘angry’ but also sad i want old me back but im begining to realise that isnt going to happen so i need to find ways to cope.

Suzie (i replied but just noticed it didnt go on here).
I have had both anxiety nd depression for 16 years and have ways of coping but i think a visit to the doctor would help as its becoming more and more difficult.

Hi jayelaye. Thinking about you and sending love. That’s all for now as i just woke up but still sleepy.

Sorry to here you having such hard time. I hope you can get help you need soon.
I use to take Epsom salt baths feels great on painful muscles and joints .
Right now I been using Icy hot lidocaine lotion
Hope you start get help you need