I did not know about this source of aspartame

Just found out that the FDA permits the addition of aspartame into things like "dissolving" medicines without listing it on the packaging. I "was" taking this type of Claritin, and now I will not due to this addition. IF you're avoiding aspartame like me to help the fibro pain, then, you should double check your meds. Apparently, this is far more common than I suspected at first, but the more I check into it, it seems more pervasive than I'd thought. Clearly, it's to make this stuff more palatable, but if you're as sensitive as I am, you should know this stuff, too. :)

Wow, interesting info ! Even for those without any sensitivity to aspartame, it's still one of the worst things you can ingest, so we should all be looking closer at our medications.

Thanks for the great find!


You should also check the times to take your meds 2 of the ones I take cannot be taken at the same time because it decreases the absorption of both stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago.