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I can't get out if my bed


I don’t know what to do with myself. All I want to do is lay in bed. I need help. How do you guys get yourselves up and out of bed?
Got put on lyrica and now am feeling great! Thanks you to all of you guys


I struggle with extreme fatigue and fibro fog every day, and it really helps me to have a routine. I go to work and school, and make sure I have everything done before I get into bed… because once I’m in bed there’s no way I’m getting up lol. I also like to set aside days where I literally have no plans, I just rest all day. I think taking a break every once in a while is really important. With fibromyalgia, you have to know your limits and try not to push yourself too hard. I flare the most if I overwork myself, so be careful with that.

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Thank you so much! It’s mostly the weekends I don’t get out of bed and I mentally and emotionally feel crappy. I’ll try to make a routine.


I agree with Kenn. I have a strict routine that I follow Mondays through Fridays. I wake up at the same time, go to my student teaching placement, come home, take a quick nap, then make myself go shower, make dinner, do some stretches, then do some homework or reading. I go to bed at the same time each night too, or at least I try to. I make sure that I give myself some “break time” during school too, so I don’t overdo it. It’s hard in my classroom, but I try to work it in by sitting with students to do one-on-one instruction, or doing extra task boxes with them to allow myself to rest. Like Kenn said, know your limits and don’t push yourself too hard. It’s not full-proof by any means, and I still have really hard days, but the routine helps.

Weekends are different. I don’t have a routine for weekends, and I have a hard time leaving my bed too. I like to schedule myself little trips that I’m looking forward to, so I get out of bed. My favorite is scheduling myself time to go to the bookstore and look around a bit. I’m also very compulsive with my hair care. To me, washing my hair and caring for it helps me get out of bed, except on my bad pain days (there’s no way I wash my hair on my bad pain days.)

I really hope this helps!

DISCLAIMER I have not actually been diagnosed with Fibro yet, but I’m seeing a doctor in a week and have been told by other doctors that I seem to have a lot of the symptoms of Fibro (e.g.- chronic pain, roving pain, fatigue, IBS, brain fog, etc.)


Thank you so much! I do have a pretty good routine during the week but it’s the weekends I feel crappy i also try to make little outings to get myself out on the weekends. Showers and hot baths are so nice! Even just sitting in the warm water helps


Hi You are probably suffering from depression which is a often creeps up on you when living with fibromyalgia. I totally understand what are you are going though. I find trying to concentrate on one thing at a time helps. For example - I will make my breakfast now. Or I will go to the shops now. Sounds a bit silly but, remember everyday tasks are much harder for people with our condition. And when you have done one task, praise yourself. I have a part time job, and will need to go to work soon, but I would rather just go back to bed, as I have been awake since 4.00 am. However all we can do is try to get though. Family and friends will not understand, as it is an invisible illness. How can you tell people you feel exhausted when you get out of bed. Their answer will be “well you will be better after a good nights sleep”. As you are aware that does not happen. Try to find a little interest or hobby something small that brings you pleasure. I live in the UK so have hot water bottles to comfort me. I really feel so sorry for you, please don’t give up you are too special. Take care Karen x

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I have times when I can’t get out of bed because I just need to sleep. I wake up in the morning, thinking, “When can I go back to bed?” Pain takes a lot out of you. I work part-time from home and I have a teenage daughter who I have to drive to school in the mornings. There are certain things that I just have to pull myself together to do. :blush: That said, I sometimes crawl back in bed for an hour or two after I take her to school or I squeeze in a nap for a few hours in the afternoon. That seems to do the trick most of the time, but if the pain and fatigue are really bad I just take a day off and stay in bed.
Depression can go along with fibromyalgia though, so make sure you’re letting your doctor know. Also, if you’re just seeing your primary care doc, find a rheumatologist. They’re the experts.


Lots of good points from all replies. Depression is a big problem for me and I highly recommend getting a psychiatrist to help you deal with that. Therapy helps me also with the depression which is caused partly because no one understands the fatigue and pain. I’ve been told that they want to just drag me out of my bed. Good friends would learn more about Fibromyalgia. I go to a pain center which means my doctor there prescribes for my pain. Very strict rules apply there but it’s worth it. Lastly, find doctors who are informed about Fibromyalgia and willing to work with each other to do what is best for you. Best wishes. Jackie

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Thank you so much! I’ve been having a heck of a time. I’m on 200 mg twice a day and I’m not sure if it’s helping or if it’s making the pain worse


I started taking music lessons, learning an instrument and it made a big difference. I would schedule the classes early morning so it gets me out of the bed atleast. When i don’t have anything scheduled, its worse. I tell myself i am going to be in pain whether i am in bed or not, so might as well get up. Works on somedays :slight_smile:


It may sound crazy but I sing inspirational songs either out loud or to myself to get myself going in the mornings. A few of them I like are Toby-mac’s “Move” and “I just need U” , Masina’s “Over comer”, even the theme songs to Rocky seem to help. Anything that puts me into a fighting mood not an angry mood but a energetic mood. I need encouragement and have found that only I can be the true encouragement I need. I can not rely on any one else to drive me on.
I have also found that battling depression is crucial for me to stay tough and fight the good fight. When I get depressed I find it hard to get out of bed. My emotions are very important to keep in check so that I can have the power to cope with the day ahead. I stay away from negative people and situations to the best of my ability. I have to in order to survive. I have had to let go of some relationships because of the negative influences they have brought to me. I try not to just survive but to thrive to the best of my abilities.
I also spend a lot of time meditating on the positive things in life and pray often.

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I love Mandisa’s song Good Morning ft. Tobymac. It just makes me feel good.