I can, therefore I am... I accomplished my first 5k with my daughter Brittany. It only has taken me 49yrs lol.I did it yay!

These past few weeks I have made many changes in my life. Basically I am taking my life back. Fibromyalgia has played such a big roll with me in these past few years and I am tired of it taking over my life...I have stop taking the meds that weren't working, I am watching everything I am eatting, counting calories and tracking exercise. Just a month ago when I tried doing a light work out I was tired. Well I have taken controll and I am walking and doing a little strenghning and eatting healthy and it has paid off.... I completed my first 5K. Thanks to my daughter encouraging me every step of the way we finished in 28 minutes. To some this is silly but to me it is a great gift. I went from being a couch potatoe to walking... Woot woot. I am still in pain but I just keep pushing through and I do feel better. I walked for Autism for my great nephew and surprised him when he saw my pictures on fb. I have learned not to commit in case I don't feel good but this time i did it. I am just so excited I had to share. Would love to see if there is anything like this for Fibro, Thanks for listening , Hugs to you all, Robin

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Robin, that is just wonderful. I am very proud of your accomplishment because it represents a lot of dedication and hard work on your part............to push through the pain. It's wise not to commit beforehand because the harsh reality of fibro is that we never know how we feel until the day arrives. This seems to be so difficult for so many people to accept or understand. Just don't push yourself too hard because it might backfire and then you will have to suffer through payback. And that's no fun at all.

Bravo to you!

Love and gentle hugs


Thanks Rachel. Its means alot. So far I am feeling good and there are no repercussions. xoxo

Hi Robin,

Good for you! I think walking is the most beneficial activity for us, and your walk was with a loved one, for a loved one in the warm sunshine of Florida! Doesn't get much better than that!

I hope that your determination will reap it's rewards in health and happiness!

Wishing you well,


Well, that's a very impressive accomplishment, Robin. Congratulations! I'm surprised but happy to hear how well you're doing without the drugs and with the exercise. And what a great cause to commit to! That just makes it that much sweeter, doesn't it?

Do be careful though, when you're pushing through the pain. Keep an eye on the situation, so that you can ease up some if the pain starts to grow.

But do let us know how you continue to do with this change. I think that many of us will be carefully watching your threads to see how things transpire for you, and will be making changes if things keep working well for you.

Fantastic Robin, a quote I just looked at, tried to copy on here but couldn’t BELIEVING IN YOURSELF IS THE FIRST SECRET TO SUCCESS, it definitely applies to you and your daughter for being by your side. I’m glad you were able to push through the pain, and Even if you have payback in the next couple of days, look what you accomplished. Thinking of you doing a 5K has kept me going to the gym, and in making a decision that I need to walk more. You must be on top of the world right now, and you deserve to be.

Gentle Hugs

Thanks SK and I am determined. It was nice to spend time with just my daughter, she doesnt get alot of attention since the baby lol.

Thanks Pet, I will be careful just because Im still not quiet sure what my limits are. I just hope I continue to feel as well as I have been :)

Thanks Rattled....

B2chi, I knew you would be happy for me. Yes we both are going to keep walking too. The best part was having my daughter there telling me how good I was doing and how proud she was, I think back and almost 3 yrs of not doing much and now being able to do alittle sure makes a difference. Love the quote, in fact I am going to put it on my fb. Thanks for your encouragement, it means alot. Hugs, xoxo


There's a perfect goal for you -- to organize a walk for Fibro. Wouldn't that be awesome!