I am such a mess

Aside from my Fibro and other health issues, this stomach pain and nausea is more than can take! If I don’t see some relief soon, I’m going to find someone to watch my fur baby Sady and go to the ER. I love you all! Thank you so much for all of your support


Hello Grammy sorry you are suffering so badly I hope you can find someone to investigate this for you I was suffering with the same thing and after some time they discovered I have Gastroenteritis of the stomach they gave me new medication for it which helps a bit keep me posted how you get on we are here for you. Annette Moderator Team.

Thinking of you Gramybear :kissing_heart:

Same here, gastrpenteritis. Can you tell me what medication they put you on? Nothing here except ameprazole. It can get pretty bad sometimes, usually wakes me in the middle of the night. I had my gallbladder removed and that was for nothing as I still had the bouts of stomach pain and throwing up! I have yet to figure out what triggers it, other than my anti-inflammatory medication I HAVE to take for my ulcerative colitis :{

Anyway, I’m sorry Annette78 and Daynaok that you are both suffering with this too. It is no fun.

Have you been checked for Celiac disease?

Hello Karen the medication they gave me is not helping I will not mention its name as on here as a Moderator we tell our members not to suggest or tell members to take or come off medication as what agrees wih one might not work for another I would suggest you keep in touch with your GP and keep him or her informed with how you are till they find something that will help you.

Annette Moderator and Retired Nurse.

Thanks for your reply, Annette78, I forgot that we weren’t supposed to mention medications that help or didn’t help. I know, most medications don’t help, and always cause me to have other issues. Instead of a “win, win” it’s a “lose, lose” unfortunately. Hope you start to feel better.

Just in case there’s a misunderstanding here :wink: :
The rule is sensible that nobody should tell others to do any treatments, because esp. with fibro it is probable that it won’t work and it is also intrusive and lacks respect. But health forums are there for sharing & even suggesting what could help or harm or not help. :upside_down_face:
Docs usually can’t help us with meds, side effects & interactions, because fibro is so individual and hard to find something for that they need our suggestions due to studies or patient experiences we read.