I am disgusted

I saw today that Pixie’s post was removed due to the judgment of others. This is a woman crying for help and some of you decided to throw her freedom of religious choice in her face. It makes me sick to my stomache and makes me wonder if I should continue with this group.
Some of you should be ashamed.
Some of you need to keep your judgements crap to yourselves.


I just saw her post, like 5 seconds ago on the second page of the discussions.
OH! I actually re-read the replies…takes me a minute.
I kinda gotta agree with you on this one. I don’t see anything that was offensive or whatever where it needed to be changed.
It would be a shame to lose members in this group due to something like this…this woman is crying out for help and you CLOSE her discussion!!! Really???
Ok, now I’m a little outraged.

HI Kersten My name is Laurie. I saw Pixie's post yesterday and sent out an 'alert' to everybody on this website. I again saw her post just a few minutes ago! Very few people responded and I posted another discussion today asking if anyone has heard form her today?? I didn't get any feedback so far. I wish there was some way to get in touche with her. Any suggestions?? Laurie

I have contacted Pixie at her home e-mail address, moderators and founders have access to this information. I have as yet not heard anything from her. It is her choice to respond to my e-mail.

We are a global community who always tries to be aware and respectful of the personal views and freedoms of others.

Her posting remains on site, it is on page 2 currently, as more posts are added it will go further back.

HI SK - I was so worried about Pixie! If she isn't answering her emails, it am really getting concerned! Thanks so much for trying to get in touch with her! Keep me posted?? Thanks, Love, Laurie

I agree, the appropriate response would have been to delete that last response instead of closing the discussion. Someone who is suicidal does NOT need threats of hell, regardless of what they believe. Can we please agree to not proselytizing on here?

SK if you look on the first page, it was closed due to negative feedback. I am happy you have tried reaching out to her. I hope she decided to tough this life out. Thank you for your reply.

It really is too bad the discussion was closed, I am very much in touch with my God however, I was not offended in any way. This poor woman is obviously very distraught and crying out for help. I don’t want to believe that judgement has anything to do with this. Leanne

It saddens me because are we not always being judged by those around us? When I first joined one of my posts was answered by a few that were terribly rude in their reply. I almost quit coming back. Glad I didn’t. Until now…

I don't know what it means to "close" a discussion? I sent Pixie a letter that I thought would give her pause before thinking of ending her life. I offered to talk and keep in touch, but have not heard anything today. I hope she's alright. Does anyone have an e-mail address for her? Worried, Charlie.

Charlie, please read my post below!

I agree with Keirsten. I don't care what someones religious or non-religious beliefs are. We are here to help each other. That's the bottom line.

I don't think her discussion should have been closed. They could have deleted the negative comment instead.-- just my opinion.



Don't feel bad for the way you feel. I belong to two other groups and I stopped coming here because of the way it's ran. This is why you probably don't recognise me... I haven't been here in a long time and yet I've been a member for 2 years.


Ben, I’m very sorry you feel that way, all may not agree with everything, but I assure you everything is done with the best of intentions and never to hurt or anger anyone.
We will continue to reach out to pixie, and I hope you can see the good in the group.

Very nicely said, dee!

Hi folks,

I haven't been on recently due to a lot of pain but I wanted to say that I imagine the post was closed because it was becoming too contentious and our "role" here on this site is to support others. When we stop doing that, other people start getting stressed and their fibro really acts up...it's not a healthy situation because we are all very sick people. In that way, this site is different than just about any other...we are very ill and need to keep things from veering into contentiousness, so that we don't make others more ill with our words. It doesn't mean that anyone commenting was "right" or "wrong," simply that their words might not be good for people to hear who are in our situation. It's taken me a while to understand this concept, so i wanted to pass it along to you, so what happened would make more sense in the general scheme of things. In fact, two members could get into a heated discussion about hot dogs on this site and the topic could be closed for the same reason as I've given.

I hope that people who were upset by this do not decide to leave. We may not all agree on everything but we all do suffer from the same illness and can understand it in a way that no one else can.

Hi everyone - this is Scott Orn, the co founder of the site. The post was closed because it was becoming a contentious religious discussion instead of a support discussion. We started the site to focus on helping people and to keep things as positive as possible. This place should be a safe haven for people to come and get support. Occasionally when a discussion loses focus on that goal, we have to close it. A few of the Moderators did reach out to Pixie separately.

It's worth mentioning that all the moderators here are all volunteers just trying to do their best. They are not trained to deal with suicide. That's beyond anything that could be asked of volunteers and a job best left to professionals. that's why we are constantly stressing the support hotline because those people are professionals and can provide real help.

The site is run on a shoe string budget that is completely dependent on donations. No one is paid for their time, the moderators are here simply because they love helping people. The moderators are an incredibly kind group of people and I feel lucky that they put so much time and energy into the site. I hope you understand this was a tough situation. I hope you judge the site and your fellow members on the positive energy and support they bring 99.9% of the time.



To the moderators and Mr Orn. I appreciate all that you do. Trying to conform or recruit a non religion person I n n obvious peril looking for advice shouldnt have religious advice thrown at them. Or ever for anything we choose to discuss.
Religion with fibromyalgia should be a new group. I would never join but it could be a nice idea. Then they can discuss there religious preferences all day. Ok enough. I like many live my life one day qt a time. Some days I get out of bed, most, I do not.
This size has a lot of potential.

HI Scott - it's nice to meet you. I agree with what you are saying. I sent Pixie an encouraging note, but I didn't put Religion in it, mainly because everyone has their own beliefs that they follow. I want to thank you personally for creating this wonderful website! I joined 3 weeks ago, and it's the best thing I have ever done in regards to my having Fibro. I have made some wonderful friends and it really is wonderful to be able to connect with others that have my illness! I DO hope Pixie is okay though. I guess we will never know. Thank you for all you do, Scott


I agree with Scott 100%. This is not the place to post a "suicide note", this is not 911, and this is not a religious recruitment retreat.

Not one person on this site (or 100 of them) could change her mind if she was determined - we are not trained for that. Obviously. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been trying to frighten her into changing her beliefs when she appeared to be in crisis. Posting the contact info for the crisis hotline was the way to handle this situation.

I do hope she is ok and received the proper help.