Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in treatment of Fibromyalgia

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during a hospital visit last week, a fibromyalgia patient informed me that he was getting noticeable relief from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I was fascinated. My mind started racing as to whether it could help me. Having researched into this 'treatment', I discover that this 'novel' treatment modality is growing in popularity for chronic pain management. Notably, it HAS NOT been passed by the FDA. I am interested to hear your thoughts.

".Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is breathing 100% oxygen while under increased atmospheric pressure. HBOT is a treatment that can be traced back to the 1600s. The first well-known chamber was built and run by a British clergyman named Henshaw. He built a structure called the domicilium that was used to treat a multitude of diseases.......................

.....................The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is hyperoxygenation -increasing oxygen within the plasma. HBOT also induces a reduction in blood flow that allows capillaries to resorb extra fluid, resulting in decreased edema. As a gradient of oxygenation is based on blood flow, oxygen tissue tensions can be returned, allowing for the host defenses to properly function. Reperfusion injury is diminished, as HBOT generates scavengers to destroy oxygen radicals"


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HBO is an extremely expensive treatment. Well designed studies have not really been forthcoming, except for a few conditions, such as wound healing. At this time, it must be considered experimental. The problem for me is that some places are happy to sign up patients and cash in whether or not there is demonstrated effectiveness. And, HBO may have risks for some, including seizures. I am not saying it doesn't work -- I hope it does. But at this point it is a gamble for a large amount of money.

My only concern would be for our groups COPD members. The oxygen could result in respiratory failure and death. However for those of us who have no respiratory problems I can see that just like any restorative therapy..ie..diet, yoga that it would make us feel better by reducing the stress on our bodies as a whole to replenish oxygen stores. But again how long is a treatment good for. Would we need a treatment every month, week, etc... i look forward to hearing more on this subject.

oops i think i just deleted my post. Basically i am certainly interested in how this all plays out and that there will be benefit without danger and that people who so choose will have this paid by insurance if approved by the FDA.I did not read the link in its entirely but did read the other posts and read about the seizure risks which always gets my attention since i developed grand mal seizures shortly after severe case of cfids ( cfs/me)

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