Hello to everyone , I was wondering if anyone suffers with allweathers as I never get any peace !the humidity is awful I hurt so much , the wind floors me , even a storm makes me hurt !

Sending love and hugs x

I'm very sensitive to weather changes, it really doesn't matter what kind. I think it's mostly the pressure changes that get me.

For me cooler air temps get me right to the bones, all of them, LOL. I love the warmer temps. Today the temperature did not get above 60 degrees, it felt damp and cold all day, I just turned my heater back up because I can't shake the chilling cold that is going through me, I'm just starting to feel the heat now. I think if I lived on the west coast where the climate is warmer, I would feel better more of the time. I get so cold I feel like a piece of glass. My feet and legs going up to my knees are so cold and so are my hands and arms up to my elbows. Don't know why I get so cold. All my bones feel like they are going to break, they ache, and my mind feels so sore from it all. I just tried to sleep but that was short lived because I'm still so cold that I can fall asleep. I shake under the three covers, two blankets and one sheet, with two pair of socks on and long sweat pants and my t-shirt, and a long fuzzy robe. I may break out the winter hat again and gloves too while I'm at it. Where is the summer heat?

Surfish girl,

You might be that cold because apparently fibro affects the overly abundant capillaries that we have in our hands and feet, and as a result, our body temperature is affected. Here's an article that explains it better than I can:

Hi Angie! It's wonderful to see you here again. Thanks for coming here. I often wonder how friends from a year or so ago are making out with their fibro. I hope yours is not too bad.

In answer to your question, no, I don't think that humidity affects me as much as the cold or storms. I could be wrong but that seems to be my recollection. I mean, I don't get more achy from it, but I DO feel it more than I used to and it makes me feel so hot all over, like I can't breathe. Maybe that's a fibro reaction too. Hmmm, I never thought of that. But I'm guessing that you're referring to more pain, right? It surely doesn't seem like ANY weather totally lets us off the hook. However, i do prefer summer weather over the rest because once it hits in the fifties, my knees start to crack and pop out of joint, which hurts horrifically.

Morning everyone , its good to be back x ty for replys , hugs xxx

The cold hurts hurts hurts me I hate it. The rain storms I start feeling them days ahead the pain is so bad. I love the warm even hot days the sun is my friend.

Rain is awful, but nothing, nothing makes me feel worse than the dead of Summer and its’ brutal humidity. I have no energy and I can’t breathe and I feel as if I weigh half a ton. Best of luck, hon.