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How do people do this?

Having a relationship, living with my partner, trying to work as much as i possibly can without collapsing, Friendships, and everything else that is going on. All i want and need is a little bit of time to try and figure out how to cope with this condition. Work makes me feel like i just have a cold being told to 'man up' on a regular basis is killing me slowly. Finding the energy just to have a shower is getting too much! All i want is to be able to deal with the fact I'm stuck i can never go bike riding again i can never go horse riding again just swimming causes me extreme agony, I can't even walk far without shooting pain going through my body and not being able to move the next day. I feel like no one takes me seriously all i want to do is block out the entire world live under a rock and never feel like i am lying about the pain i am in! It is like everyone is now bored of hearing about it and think i am just 'putting it on'. I have a sit down job just answering calls but even that feels so difficult. I just don't know how to be strong anymore, I don't know how to keep going. My life is drifting away before my eyes, I feel like i am in hell and can't do anything about it. I just want to shut off!! Doctors are no hope!! I can't get out of bed on my own almost everyday because the pain is shooting all through out my body! I don't know how much long i can do this anymore! HELP?


I've been there and I'm going to tell you the three things I was told and fought against before finally accepting it: 1. Let go; 2. Take baby steps; 3. Ask for help.

You have to stop caring what people think about you. I don't even mention my condition anymore or let it show unless it's someone I'm close to. It sucks to be "closeted", but people won't understand unless they experience it for themselves.

With relationships, either your partner is in or out. He/she will or won't work around your limitations. Do your best, show him/her that you love him/her, and be honest and communicative with your partner about your feelings and needs. As for friends, the good ones will stick by you no matter what. The other ones will eventually drift away. Or at least, that's what happened to me. I was sad and angry at first. Then I decided I don't need negative people in my life and should focus my limited energy on those wh care for me and love me, chronic pain and all.

On good days, do things you love doing. I like dancing and reading. On bad days, try to distract yourself. My solution is usually Netflix on an endless loop. Take things 5, 10, 15 minutes at a time. Tell yourself, "If I can make it the next five minutes, or through this song, or this commercial, I will be okay". It sounds silly, tedious, and annnoying to do. And honestly, it is, but it works.

See if you can try and switch jobs. I know, easier said than done. I worked as a CSR and my Fibro made me naturally irritable and sitting too long was painful, so I left. I'm working another job now that's more flexible. It took awhile and I'm still looking for something better, but "baby steps".

Doctors will be a trial and error process. You need to keep searching until you find the right one. In 13 years, I have not found the right one. I've found ones who get the job done and one who was almost ideal, but I know that perfect fit is probably still out there. Finding the right doctor is almost more complicated than searching for your soulmate.

You might also want to try therapy or journaling or support groups, even if it's for a little bit, to help you deal with these feelings. Things will get better, even though it doesn't seem like that's possible. The right treatment plan will be key to that.

Good luck, and check in again to let us know how you are coping.



i have had those days. i am disabled and cannot work any longer. you will find a way to work it out, get a doctor that believes in fibromyalgia. it will make a world of difference. did you try pt or even getting up and stretching while at work? simple things like that actually do help.