How to cope with family on days I can't get out of bed

I was wondering how you cope with days that you can't get out of bed but still have family obligations. This is one of my biggest challenges and any cope methods could help. Thanks.

hello ceesmom. I dont know what your family obligations are and what exactly needs to be done.. Do you have a spouse or kids who can help? On days you feel so poorly perhaps you could delegate some things that must be done.If your family does not understand it is always good to share some literature that you can get on line and send to then so they can get educated and knowledgeable of what this is all about. when they read stuff from credible sources people tend to give it more thought and often become more compassionate about it and even want to know more about it and how it is affecting your life.

all the best to you for your well being.



Wow! Good question. I would say to prioritize things. As my granny always said "those dust bunnies will be there when you are dead". I didn't really get it her house was so clean you felt bad dropping a crumb on her kitchen floor. Now I think she meant its not really that important. I can not clean and haven't done so for a very long time. When I worked I paid someone now I live with my daughter and her family. I do dishes because I am fast at it...lots of practice but also I can do them now 6 months ago no way. I also cook supper on most days taeching my grandkids how to cook. I would say there is a time and place for everything. I am not sure what your obligations are but even very young kids can help out. My 5 year old grandson doesn't see fit to help the older kids pick up his toys so he rinses dishes and dries plates (not well with the drying its a work in process). Before I moved in with my family I did the bare one ways very happy but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...I hope you find a way around soyou can live a tolerable life...and by the way its ok to say NO!!! Took awhile for me but you know what no one died when I finally said it...I will keep you in my thoughts.

I swear i feel miserable cause im in pain everyday but the only way i can do few things at home is with the cannabis cause the pain wont go away without it and i want to try to go gluten free diet cause im getting worse

I like to do thing like read or have someone bring things that need doing like cleaing or polishing or folding stuff between whihc i rest then i watch movies and play games

I am hanging in there. Because I work casual, it seems like when I might finally start feeling better I end up going to work which takes me a little time to rest up because I’m so exhausted. My family doesn’t understand and it’s hard to explain. I have a husband and twin 11 yr olds.