How to communicate better and feel heard by a medical professional?

First off, my primary is a good man, but likes to throw pharmaceuticals rather than deal with root causes of what is causing symptoms. Not a good fit for me. For now though, having trouble finding someone I am more comfortable with.

I know most everyone here has been through the wringer with doctors, as well as other kinds of healing modalities. What have you found most useful towards having concerns addressed? I'm a bit frustrated, as 3 new prescriptions came along from just this one visit. I was there for a referral! He doesn't care why my blood pressure runs really high, just stroke possibilities. I keep saying " pain runs my blood pressure through the roof. I am in a lot of pain, plus stressed out, plus sick,..." He doesn't want to hear this. And yes, my arteries are in great shape, so not a cause.

Thanks for sharing how you deal with this!

hugs, perplexed

Dear ohsoperplexed,

My first response to your post is "do you really need to be cared for my this Doctor?", he does not seem to be that genuinely interested, so your health and well being are obviously insignificant?

I am SO fortunate to have had a good husband and wife team in place as my GPs before all of this appeared in my life, but I have surely been on the rounds with specialists, and I just won't settle! You deserve to be well taken care of, you really do!

I am so very sorry, and not happy about the way you are being treated!

Wishing you well,


Is this close to you?