How much does medication help?

I have had Fibromyalgia for a few months. I only have maybe 7 good days a month. Still looking for the correct med combination. My question is how much relief can medication provide?

With most fibro meds, they have to start you at low doses to avoid side effects, so It may take a while to get to the normal recommended dose? This is very true of Lyrica, start low, increase slowly.

Hope that helps, Michelle.

I just started on Lyrica not too long ago. I am on 75mg three times daily. How much can u go up from that?

I take 225 mg 3x daily, the normal dose is 300 mg. I have Sciatica, so I was started at 150 mg, and it was a tough one to get used to. Some are started as low as 25 mg per dose.

Thank u, that makes me feel so much better.

For me, medication really helped to stabilize me and my sleep and to stabilize my really low mood--I don't feel back to my pre-fibro self but I do feel well enough to work 30 hours a week at an emotionally draining social service agency which says a lot I think.

These comments are giving me new hope. Thank u.