How many out there have had hips, knees, neck or back surgery? Was outcome good or bad!

Hi everyone - I was told a while back that I may need some surgery in the future for hips and knees. I am nervous about this - as I do know a few people, where the outcome has NOT been favorable. Some are in worse pain then they were before the surgery.

My Dad, a bone surgeon, always told me that as far as the back - it should only be done as a last resort. Same opinion for the neck as well. These feelings among doctors have been going on for many, many years. I am wondering what it is that doctors keep slipping up on? Why are there so many mistakes during back and neck surgery? Also, even if the surgery was done right - why are people still hurting long after surgery? I certainly don't want more pain then what I can handle now!!

I am pretty sure I may have some forms of Arthritis going on as well. Especially, Osteoarthritis, as my nurse suspects. When I think back about my parents, my Mom had NO problems with joints and my Father just had a little bit of arthritis at the joints on the base of his thumbs. I do too. Here I am, having had problems since I was in my 30s! It isn't fair!! (Smile). Love and Hugs, Laurie

Hi Laurie. I had a bad car accident in 2002. A woman ran a red light, I t-boned her, then I t-boned another car, then my little escort finally crashed into a concrete wall which stopped me. So I had 3 head on impact crashes at once. I walked away from the accident. A week later my back started hurting. I put it off until 2005, but had L5-S1 disc replaced and am fused with rods at that level. The surgery was immediately successful. I'm here to say that the only part of my back that doesn't cause me problems is the fixed level. Yay!!!

My hip pain is getting worse all the time. Oh, I'm so glad the cold of winter is over. I suspect I'll be a hip replacement candidate at some time. Knees go out sometimes too. I've had neck and shoulder pain, really bad, since I had my first baby at 20 years old. I can barely turn my head now. I suspect that the series off appointments I have lined up will end me at the neurosurgeons office for cervical fusion. I hope there are no mistakes if it goes that way.

I was adopted at birth. I have just found 4 half siblings. Auto immune stuff in two of them. RA and Crohns.

I've decided that it just happens. Some genetics, some due to the crappy fake food we've been eating for years. Who knows. I don't know how old you are. I'm 55. I think I'm too young too, but when I see some teen agers posting on this sight that have so much pain in their lives I have to take a step back and thank God that up until the last 7 or 8 years I've been able to live a pretty normal life.

I'm sorry Laurie. Some days are better than others. Some days I want to just sit and cry. I bet you do too. It's hard to stop doing things we used to be able to do. It's worth grieving over. Your feelings are important.

Hae, I have a friend who had to have both hips replaced in her early 40's. Her hip sockets never grew large enough for her hips. She just turned 50. She is doing zumba classes, is working because she wants to...she is doing great.

I don't think fear is a good thing. Knowledge is good. Going to the doc intelligently prepared is a good thing. I hope some of this helps you.

Keep smiling.

Healthy Hugs,


I've learned of a couple of doctors who won't do certain surgeries on people with Fibro. It seems that when we have a surgery where tendons or ligaments have to be cut Fibro patients have more Fibro pain then before surgery. I have a doctor who refuses to operate on my feet for that reason and a friend who's doctor won't operate on her carpel tunnel. I suggest talking to your doctor and asking about this.

Hi Dottie - thanks for the info! Appreciate it! I am being extremely cautious about any doctor who tells me I may need surgery.. So, I wasn't surprised that you gave me the information about how doctors are reluctant to operate. It just seems common sense to me that any surgery would make it worse. Laurie