How long have i had this disease?

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The more I read,the more I wonder how long this has been holding me back. I hate to admit this...really,but things really went downhill after the birth of my daughter. Her birth was very traumatic. I opted for an epidural but it didn't work. What it DID do was parialize my right leg. The doctor returned 2 hours later and removed it and put it in another spot. Gave me another dose and it did the same thing...I could literally feel it travel down into my leg. Nothing else was numb so I went through 18 hours of labour without the use of my leg. My husband(at the time) and my sister had to shift me from on e side to the other every 10 minutes. My leg remained that way for 3 days following and I was full of stitches so I was unable to soak due to my leg. I remember people coming into the hospital to see my new baby girl and I remember screaming on the inside GET OUT! my nerves were completely shot. Everyone around me could see that I had kinda lost it. I turned into this ball of nerves,couldn't think straight ,wouldn't let others hold her, and I was unable to tolerate the sound of her crying so she slept with me for the first year. When she was 16 months,I was finally hospitalized with severe post-partum depression and severe anxiety. More trips to the hospital followed over the years until my daughter was 5. I spent 3 months in hospital and my husband decided it was a good time to start divorce proceedings. I was devistated. He packed up my things(I had to make a list,I never got to go back home). We agreed that it would be easier for Brooklynn as she was already adjusting to me not being there,so why go home just to move out again. I had signed a pre-nuptual agreement way before we ever got pregnant and married. He was the big shot and I was the unstable parent so he talked me into him having primary custody. It was a nightmare and even 6 years later, I still struggle to put it all behind me.

I've had issues with anesthetic a couple times since then and have fought major depression and anxiety and pain ever since.

The reason I've decided to share this is because of things i've read here. Discussions about pregnancy,one woman said her doctor told her that she still had post-partum and I got the impression that this sounded sill to her....I saw a a pharmacist who is also a naturalpath.(my spelling is bad,I know hehe). He told me that I STILL had post partum as well. I thought it strange at the time but then I read this other womans post and it got me thinking. Fibro and CFS can be triggered following an illness,traumatic event and stress. I've also received ECT(shock) treatments and my body reacted negatively to those as well. The second treatment I had,It paralized my body,I stopped breathing but I was still awake unable to move breathe or scream! Thank God they clued in before admimistering the treatment. My doctor and I tried to find out why this happened and by the time she tracked down my records,they didn't record what happened. I don't know... question is...How do you know? Any thoughts?



I should add....I've NEVER admitted to anyone my fears and suspitions about this to anyone.

Thanks Lovett

I only went to this guy once because I had heard great things from people over the years. This was before the fibro and cfs diagnosis. He holds pain clinics ect.

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