How in the world to send a new message?

Hello, I’d like to know how to send a message to anyone…

If you need more assistance, please let me know.

Sharon from ModSupport

Hi again,

what you have now managed to do is to send 2 new posts in the category “New User Help” - which is a brilliant start and perhaps was a test with which you have found your answer yourself?
You can now reply to my post by clicking on the big blue button “reply”.

And I answered your other post how you can message to a single person.

Whoops: Sharon was quicker than me to send it off… :open_hands:

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I happened to be on right now. I also DID just private message @blueeyesIIII to see if she had more specific questions.


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Blueeyes, I highly recommend tapping the New User Help tab at the top of your screen:

That takes you to a collection of illustrated how-to’s like the one Sharon shared.


Above my photo is a number 1 in green circle. What does that mean?

That means you have a message in your inbox.

To access your messages, click on your icon/avatar/photo then select the envelope. If you don’t see an unread item on the list, click on the envelope again and it takes you to your Inbox.


BlueeyesIIII, when you are wondering what this is or what that is, why not click on it and see what happens? You can’t break the system, honest!

Did you ever have a look at New User Help? Any other questions we can answer?