How does your body feel first thing in the morning?

Simply put it this way....I am horrendously stiff and feel like a Mack truck ran over me. Every trigger point that I can imagine seems to have joined together to wish me a crappy day! I have to grab on to whatever is close to me, to move myself around. I have been told to do easy stretching exercises to loosen me up?? Just the idea of this makes my body hurt. It takes me about 2 hours to feel fairly normal. It's about this time that I have to make a decision if I am able to do the things that need to be done that day. If I am still in a lot of pain, I have to just take it easy. Do any of you go through what I do every morning? Any hints on ways to loosen up? Laurie

Sorry you have so much pain in the mornings. My back is very painful and stiff in the mornings - from my neck to my hips. It loosens up for me once I'm up and moving around. I'm also on Wellbutrin and once I take my morning dose, I see a big difference. The pain and stiffness almost go away until time for the evening dose.

I honestly don't think I could "stretch it out" without a lot more pain. :/

Hi Red - It's about 4:30am here where I live. As usual I am up early, having spent the night trying to get

comfortable. I am really looking forward to seeing my new Rheumotologist soon. Typical pain and stiffness all

over. When I am on the computer, I have to take several breaks throughout the day, because I have trigger

points on my shoulder blades and they flare-up pretty badly at times. Thanks so much for responding! Laurie

Yes, I too have to move frequently or other things start to stiffen up... legs, ankles, feet, arms. I've been up since 5:30 am. Oh well, Monday is back to school and work at my house after 2 weeks off... I may as well start getting back into the swing of things. :/

Good luck with your Rheum appointment!

I get up very early-due to so much pain.
There is no way I can stretch it out. That suggestion must have come from someone without fibro.
About an hour after my meds (savella, busiprone, norco, tegretol, and neurontin), I am able to move.
I have a particular routine I go through every morning, and I must give myself 3-4 hours before I even get dressed.
I think between my meds and coffee,they help alot.
There is, on average, 2-3mornings a week,I am overtaken with nausea due to pain.
In those cases, I use essential oils via massage over the stiff/sore/spasming areas and take phenegran and just take it easy for another few minutes.

Red - you mentioned that your ankles and feet stiffen up? My ankles and feet have just recently started to feel stiff. Some areas hurt more than others. My forearms from shoulders to elbows get stiff as well and it's really painful. I just can't lift them at all when they are inflammed. I also sometimes have a little bit of swelling around the ankles. I was told by my doctor that I have Edema, which is retaining water in those areas. (Sigh).......always something, isn't there?? I hope your 2 weeks off was relatively painless?When I do have flare-ups, I have the tendency to not be hungry at all. I have to struggle sometimes to keep my weight up. RIght now my weight is perfect and my doctor is happy about this. This is about the ONLY thing that is going right for me at this time! LOL I can't remember the last time when I have left the Doctor's office with a 'clean' bill of health. I miss those days!! Keep me posted and take
of yourself! Laurie

Yep, I do. I do AM Yoga For Beginners with Rodney Yee and it really helps. It is a combination of gentle stretching and opening your mind to start the day. I also try to do some of the same gentle stretching before I go to bed. That helps with the morning stiffness also. When I first started doing this, three weeks ago, I had to force myself because I was sure I would not be able to do it. You can find a lot of these types of videos for free on YouTube so you can try many different ones to see if you can find a fit for your style.

Hi blueeyed - Thanks for responding ! Like you, I get up very early, as I spend so much time trying to get

comfortable and before I know it, it's morning. I just have to give up and try to get out of bed. I woke up

very early this morning as well. I, too, have a particular routine as well. I need to follow it or else my whole

day is messed up. I have had serious pain with FIbro, I get the nausea when I have the Arthritis in my neck.

It gets so bad sometimes that my vertigo starts as well, and then I have a double whammy! I am suffering

a horrendous headache right now. All we can do is be patient. If anything at all, my illness has taught me patience.....BIG TIME!! I used to be the 'get up and go' girl. Not anymore. I have really had to slow down and take better care of myself. I have adapted well, however there are times when I see people older then me, running up and down stairs and so forth. I get so jealous!! LOL I look like I am 90 years old going up stairs and believe me I am nowhere near that age. I think as long as we all have a routine set up, we can make it through the day. Laurie

Hi MBP - it's funny that you mentioned Yoga, because I have been thinking about joining a class a few times a

week. I see my doctor soon and want to be sure I get an okay before I decide to do it. Many years ago, I used to be a Marathon runner. I wasn't doing it as a race, just to test my endurance. I was very fit and strong. However, I really suspect some of my FIbro problems may have resulted in all the running I did. My father was a doctor in Californiia. He was an Orthepedic and he was always furious with me for running, because he told me that later on in my life, I would have a lot of problems. Well,,,,,I hate to admit it, but Dad was right! Right now?? I can barely walk around the block, because my hips hurt so bad. Laurie

LOL!! Avenk - you sound like me! Yes, everything hurts when I first get up in the morning! I am certainly not in the best mood either. I have been going for years without enough sleep because of pain and I am surprised I haven't been put in the looney bin by now. Somehow, I get through the day. But there are many times that I am just WAY too sore and I truly have to really take it easy. I also get terrible spasms in my back and I never know when they are going to strike. But, when they do, OMG!! It startles me so bad and just literally takes my breath away! On those rare days when ALL trigger points are present, I can't have anyone touching me - it's too painful. I can't lay down, I can't stand up and I can't move. I have no idea what to do with myself when all trigger points are there at once. I can only take one day at a time at this point. Laurie

Every morning I can tell what kind of day i am going to have within the first hour. I am so stiff and feel like I have been kicked by a donkey in my back most mornings. I just pray i don't get a migraine along with the back pain....urgh

Hi Fibromommy - I do get migraines, quite often. It's from the Fibro in my neck. It will flair up and I have to take medicine for it, or it won't go away. I , too, can tell what kind of day I will be having. My 2 kids were very small when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Taking care of them and trying to get through the day with my pain was a real challenge for me. Often I was in tears because I couldn't get the Fibro under control. This was over 30 years ago and FIbro had not really been out in the open yet. So, I was on a 'trial and error' assortment of drugs to see what worked for me. I also am a very poor sleeper. I bet you are to?? I spend more time trying to get comfortable, and before I know it, it's time to get up for the day. It's just so exhausting sometimes. Glad you have joined the group! Laurie

LOL Avenk. But I know you do a tad more than that seeing as you have 5 kidlets running around there!

I feel the same way Laurie! I can barely move when I first get up even though I know I am very restless at night in my sleep. And it is so hard to make myself get out of bed and get going. Once I do, I usually feel a bit better but it is so hard not to just lay in bed and wallow.

So sorry:( I can relate, I hurt so bad anytime I get up to walk,
Expecially if I’ve been off me feet for a bit. Mornings are bad, so is getting up in the middle if the nigh to use restroom. I’m 38 which is still young, but you could tell by the way I look getting out of bed. I look like a sickly 90 year old women. Holding on to walls, beds, door handles, anything I cat support myself with. Stretching dose help, it hurts alot during the stretching but after its kinda like doing a warm up, you feel not so tight well atleast it helps me a bit. I also find just standing up for a while befor I start walking too. Cause my feet and my shoulders,arms, legs are my most painful areas.

Hi Anne - thanks for responding to my discussion segment! I know what you are talking about, when you want to just stay in bed and wallow. I think I have lost count on the number of times I have been tempted to just go back to bed and pull the blankets over my head!! (Smile). I am retired now, but when I was working, I had to be there at 7am. Factor in that I need some time to 'loosen' up before I do anything I would have to get up super early to unwind and feel okay to get to work. I was actually laid off because of new management, but it was just as well, because I was increasingly having so much trouble with my FIbro and pain. I sometimes get spasms in my back that just literally take my breath away. I never know when it's going to happen. I also get spasms by my shoulder blades - as I do now and it's so damn painful!!!! But I do agree with you, that once I am up and around I do feel a little better. Laurie

Cindi - I can relate to you about looking like a 'sickly 90 year old woman!' When I get up in the morning, I do exactly as you do - hold onto anything that will keep me upright. I am just literally staggering as if I am drunk or something. I imagine to other people, that it doesn't look too pleasant to see. The areas you hurt right now are the same areas I hurt. I especially have problems with my hips. This is what keeps me from getting a good night's sleep. I don't like to sleep on my back, but sometimes I have to because any pressure on my hips just keeps me awake all night. Its a stinging and stabbing sensation. Sometimes the only relief I get is if I sleep sitting half up. But by doing this, my neck starts to hurt. I can't win!!! Just recently, my feet and ankles are now becoming affected by the FIbro. Sometimes, my feet will feel like they are burning up, but yet if I touch my feet, they are actually cool to my touch. Very weird. So happy to be in touch with you CIndi. This is a wonderful website and since I have joined, mentally I feel a whole lot better. I don't feel so alone in my pain anymore. Laurie

Laurie, you have touched on a subject that so many of us all have in common, and that is morning pain & stiffness, I have said so many times I feel like I have been run over by a train during the night. As soon as I open my eyes my body feels pain, every part of my body.
I also have my morning routine, and it does not involve moving fast. I rarely can get anything done until I get my first Savella & Tylenol for arthritis on board.
I have noticed that if I stretch for 5-10 min before I get out of bed it does help.
I have been thinking about Yoga myself, because as the cold has set in, I am less active, my joints are really bad, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows … Seems like the longer I have not worked (6 months) the worse I get… How is that possible ??
I guess we have to find a balance between activity & rest
But yes… Mornings I feel the worst
Hugs & blessings

Dee, I am sorry for all you are going through (and everybody else for that matter). I think you have gotten worse Since you have not been working because you are not moving as much. I don’t think we realize how much we move around when we go about our daily “grind”. And I believe you are a nurse? I am sure that you moved around a lot more than someone who has a desk job like I did (paralegal). And keeping moving is the key to making your fibro better, or so “they” say. I have had two things happen in the last couple of months that have helped me be able to function better. I started taking MS Contin, a continuos release form of morphine. And I started doing yoga. And I walk every morning (or every morning that I am able). I have noticed an improvement in my balance (but the vertigo is still there), I feel stronger, I am sleeping better (some nights), my mood is better (or it was until my husband quit his job and left us with no income). These improvements are small but enough to notice. If you decide to start yoga, look on YouTube for videos on how to start and for workouts. I have found some good ones and will share the names if you,like. Hope you have a good day today.

Hi Laurie! I am new to this site. I am also newly diagnosed with fibro. My mornings are awful! Some mornings are better than others. My upper body...everywhere is so stiff and sore. My back is the worst some days. The thoughts of stretching....NO WAY, hard to get out of bed. It usually takes me a few hours to start to feel better. Then by night I am worse again. In the mornings..lately my feet are stiff too and have to walk slowly. Some days the pain stays with me all day and worsens. By the end of the day, my upper body feels awful and I usually have a severe headache. My headaches feel like it starts at back of neck to the front of my head..hurts to move neck in any direction. Your definately not alone with this one!