How do I teach them?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to break the news about fibromyalgia to family (who I also work with, thank goodness) and most of all to my teenagers in a way that they can understand without worrying about me too much? Any suggestions will help. I have been printing a few things out for them from online.

Thank you so very much!

That actually made me cry. Thank you so much for this example. I will definitely be using this.

Perfect! Can’t wait to read these ones. I was feeling so lost today when I left the doctor and found this site when I was learning about all of this. Thanks again.

Those links are great thanks angel

I am going to print all of these out and share them with my family, and am going to use the spoon story with my daughters as well as letting them read some of the information in these links. I keep telling you thank you, but again, here it is, lol!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

The Spoon Theory story is the best way to show what exactly how fibro works for us. Unfortunately, people still don't understand fibro, even after this is done. Fibro takes so much away from us.

It is similar with chronic migraines, people do not understand at all what it is like to live with daily pain and how it changes your life along with the life of your family. You are so limited in what you can do and you never know if you are going to have a good day or a bad day. From what I am learning about Fibro these last two days, it is very similar in the manner that people have a difficult time understanding what and why.

It’s Thanksgiving today and you have just given me, something to be so incredibly thankful for! I will definitely be using this method of explanation, or a variation of it that I think makes sense for me and my family/friends, VERY SOON! (Maybe even when we are all together today.) God Bless You Angelonearth! Happy Thanksgiving!

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She really is an angel, isn't she?

Excellent question and discussion.

I love the spoon theory and I have given it to members of my family and everything helps. Its a process ,a journey if you like it takes many ways of telling them. As you are doing using information from the net and every else.But my family were pleased that I eventually had a diagnosis after years of trying to get diagnosed. I did not like the label of fibromyalgia, because for me it doesn’t describe what my condition is like at all. But in terms of my family they were glad that I had a diagnosis, But as others say no one ever really gets what it’s like to experience this condition even after many years of explanation and that is why this group is so helpful. take Care Barb

Thanks for the links Angel.


For 18 years I tried to explain to my family and friends who just didn't "get it". After joining the Fibro Support Online I received the "My Name is Fibromyalgia". I emailed it to all my family and friends and my hubby will send out a hard copy this weekend. It has made a BIG dent in their understanding. Check it out.

That's what I am running in to as well, everyone wants to know exactly what it is. These links have been most helpful! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Sure have been!! Thank you so much!