Horrible pain that no one can explain

I get a very intense pain on my right side at the top of my ribs, it starts near my shoulder blade and comes right round to the front. It varies in intensity, it can go from a burning/on fire pain to stabbing and aching pain. When it gets really bad I literally can’t move or lift my right arm, and breathing in intensifies it more, It’s horrific. It doesn’t happen at any one time, just whenever it feels like making an appearance.

They took my gallbladder out a year ago as they thought that was the cause, but it made no difference to the pain. No doctor can tell me what it might be. One thought it could be from my liver, yet all the liver tests came back fine. It’s a horrible thing and I just wish they had some idea what it is.

I wonder if it’s costochondritis… it’s an inflammation of breastbone and pain can radiate or be referred to other parts of chest. Ask your doctors, hon. There are alot of discussions on boards here if you want you also can check search function at top of site. Good luck!