Horrible Pain Day Made Better With Great News

This morning, getting out of bed was a challenge even though I only woke once during the night. I woke up and the pain was just horrible, could barely move but needed to use the washroom, while walking to the washroom crying because my legs just were not working. I took my meds when I got back to the room and sat for awhile playing on my playbook and talking to my boyfriend slowly started to feel in a little less pain, still bad enough I was about to stay in bed all day. But I got out of bed, to school and still am at school. Around 2 I gave a call to the person who sponsored me before for my schooling.

Drum roll please... They will be covering all fees for next semester along with an allowance for transportation and supplies! And I will likely get it for the other semesters after that. And better yet! He is going to help me look for a job within government to do over the summer! :D Woooooooo I cried again but this time, finally they were not tears of anger, hurt, depression, pain but of happiness! :D So happy now, that news made my day!

Anyone else with good news?

Thats amazing news ! So happy for you !

that is great.

That is sooooo amazing !!! I am so happy for you, I’m sure a huge burden was just lifted for you !!!

Im so happy to here when Nice things happen … Thankyou for sharing this great new !!
Hugs & blessings

Congratulations! That is an amazing opportunity!

It’s so great to hear wonderful news! What a great opportunity for you. You seem like a fighter, and it was evident to those sponsoring you. Some days it is worth getting out of bed! Thanks for sharing with us all!
Happy days ~ Sandi


Congratulations Shawna! That is wonderful news and must be such a relief! Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving it certainly gives you something to be thankful for. :slight_smile: It’s amazing how much hearing good news can positively affect our physical state and make us feel better overall. I hope the good news carries you through the tough pain days for a long time!

Gentle hugs and holiday blessings,



It is strange how life takes such sudden turns that can bring us to joy or despair. Life is pretty much made up of both. For me the key is to allow myself to suffer the pain in life without shutting out the joy. Knowing I can only hold one thought at a time in mind I have to remind myself over and over, OK I know I feel pain but what else am I feeling and find something that feels good in addition to the pain.

School for me was a lifesaver, I went back to school because I could not really continue doing nursing because of pain and energy limitations. Now six years later I have my Master's and am doing what I always dreamed of doing. This would have never happened if it had not been for Fibromyalgia that showed up in my life.

Thanks for sharing and I wish you well with school.


Wow. A great deal of positive energy evoked. You must have been emanating some positive energy despite all of the frustration and pain involved with FMS. I am truly happy for you. You deserve it. Pay attention to these positive emotions and recall these positive events when you have any setbacks from fibro.

Thank you for sharing this great news. We all deserve something over and above the normal to see that our lives are still worthwhile.

God Bless your new adventure


Congratulations Shawna !!! That's AMAZING news !!

What wonderful news for you. You have a lot to be greatful for this Thanksgiving,

Wonderful news for you!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I hope your days get easier!!

Congratulations that is wonderful news. I am so happy for you.

That is great news Shawna. An education is something that can’t go bankrupt. Enjoy every moment. I sure did.

My good news is just getting to spent the day with my family tomorrow. I really enjoy Thanksgiving.

WoW! That is incredibly generous of him and great news for you! Congratulations, Shawna. You've got to be so excited! You don't get many breaks like that in life. Enjoy your wonderful gift and the summer job working with the government.


what a lovely gift, congrats.


Great news, good luck, Shawna.

I consider every day I get up, after two cups of coffee, to hopefully be a good day with some good news.


That is awesome news. I am so happy for you. Education opens so many doors and may they be good ones for you. Positive people draw positive rewards and people towards them. Happy Thanksgiving.