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Hoping you all have a pain free weekend!

  1. I asked a Walmart worker where I could find the nuts. He said, “they’re in the toilet paper aisle!”

  2. Has anyone seen my jacket? It’s white with long sleeves that makes you hug yourself and a cute belt.

  3. So, when we order from a Mexican restaurant, how does the endless chips and salsa work? Do y’all come back in 20 minutes or do we have to call?

4." Why aren’t there handles on doors anymore?" “Well, Lesley, its time to tell you about the year 2020”

  1. Stop eating out, cook at home and you’ll lose weight. Quarantine determined THAT was a lie.

LOL - #5 is TRUE. People have snacked and snacked and snacked while staying home! Currently, I’m losing a little weight, thank goodness! Not particularly trying hard - just giving myself little pep talks, attempting to eat healthy snacks, eat less, eat slower, etc…
I had to think about #2 for a minute and then really cracked up - LOL!!!
#4 is probably a very good idea! Can you imagine how many germs are on those handles? I used a restroom in Homeland recently, and there was pee on the seat (hopefully, a little kid doing that, and not an adult!). It was gross.
Love U, GBear!!! Thank U for the laugh therapy :star_struck:

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Hahaha gramybear! Isn’t that the truth. Back in May I had a great idea for learning a new skill during the pandemic: I decided I was going to do sourdough baking. (A new kitchen frontier for me.) I got really good at it. Yay me — NOT. The effect on my waistline has been predictable. I gather I’m not the only one who took up baking during quarantine. :yum:

Seenie from ModSupport

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LOL Seenie, you always crack me up! There seems to be a downside to a lot of really enjoyable things…bummer!!! (But, congrats on your newly discovered sourdough baking talents - YUMMMMM)

But the bread is SO good!! LOL