Home from work update re arcoxia

Had to come home from work at the w/end,was typing all the wrong words and workmates joking speech sounded a bit slurred( though I didn't notice it.) Had terible headache which I was putting down to newly diagnsed Trigeminal neuralgia. To cut story short went to g.p. yesterday who stopped Arcoxia has B.P. and Pulse sky, he is concerned about possible stroke. Have to see him again tomorrow. On down side Fibro pains worsening again.

Oh well will keep you updated.


Oh Ann,

So sorry to hear this, about the TN. I was going to suggest our sub-group, but see you already belong to that. I hope they can get you on the right med, the right dose, and you can experience some relief.

That was the dreaded fibro fog you experienced at work. My Rheum described that simply as "chronic pain, and lack of sleep due to chronic pain".

Wishing you well,


Thanks SK,

Its good to get some support on this especially when docs start talking about strokes, mini or otherwise. Can be scary at times. As I am a nurse I think I can sometimes read too much into symptoms when docs go on about them.