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I hope everyone had a super Christmas! I just wanted to ask if anyone has had SS make screw ups in the amount that should have been back pay. If so, how long did it take to get it worked out.? I had as Good of a Christmas as possible after losing my mom last month, I’m very thankful for having a loving and supportive husband and extended family. I also am thankful for all I have, as I know there are many out there with far less! Have a great day, and thanks for any responses. Jackie


Christmas was great - exhausting but still good.

Though it is sad to here about your loss, I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

You have a really good attitude regards being thankful too. :)


Hi Jackie I have been thinking about you and hoping you are doing ok. Holidays can be difficult especially after the loss of a loved one. I am glad to hear you are doing ok. Regarding your question about disability I am sorry I can't answer that. You might try posting this question under a disability discussion to get more response. Hugs.


Jackie, I'm so very sorry to hear about your mom and am glad that you've got family to help you through this sad time. This must be such a trying time for you. God Bless your family for being there for you!

I am wondering if SS assigned you a different date that your fibro started than you'd expected? My SSDI payments were started way later than the actual date that my fibro started. In other words, I put Jan. of 2012 as my disability date but SSDI said it started in May of 2012, hence a difference in the amount due me.

Oh wait, I THINK that I recall being told that the government holds back one month's payment that you supposedly get when you no longer are on SSDI - in other words, probably never.

I guess the best thing for you ould be to call SSDI or else an SSDI attorney, if you have one. It's certainly worth checking into, as it's a lot of money to have missing.

Good luck, hun. I hope you get some answers!