Holiday visits and traveling

Is anyone here? I need someone to talk to

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I just needed someone to tell me it’s ok to stay home rather than travel 2.5 hours to visit our aging parents (they’re in their 80s). I’m having a bad fibro flare complete with fatigue, pain, brain fog… I’m feeling guilty for staying home, but I’m just feeling so crummy…


Yes, it is ok to stay home and take care of yourself! You don’t want to expose your parents to anything or yourself. My parents live 15 minutes from me I feel terrible too! But I tell them it’s for their own good. They know I have a lot of health problems too, but I still feel guilty! I can relate my parents are in their 80’s too. I feel guilty for not opening the front door to get fresh air sometimes! Hang in there it’s ok and there is a pandemic (good excuse) unfortunately.


It is definitely ok to stay home! I won’t travel to see my grandma (she will be 90 in Feb.) right now either. It just isn’t worth the risk. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and to keep you and your family safe.


My husband of 42 yrs still doesn’t understand, or won’t, not sure which it is. This flare is one of the worst I’ve experienced this yr, if not the worst. He thinks I can just take some pain meds and carry on. Perhaps I could when I was younger, but I’m 60 and just too tired as it is; then to add the Fibro fatigue and unrelenting pain? I just can not, unless I want to suffer even worse for who knows how long. He sighs loud enough I can hear him, says “we need to visit our parents more often”, and the kicker?, asks when I’m going to get better. Smh… I feel bad enough as it is w/o his commentaries. It’s just been an awful, awful afternoon. My parent, God bless them, told me to stay home and rest and visit when I feel up to it. And that’s just what I’m going to do.

Thanks for being here for me guys!


Willow3, saying prayers that you will feel better soon! :purple_heart:Sadly, no one in our lives really understands what we are going through except others who suffer with FMS, such as those on this site. I hope that your hubby will eventually learn to offer support when you need it. Sending gentle hugs your way!!!