Holding your Breath

Have any of you noticed, as you go through the day you hold your breath at times? I realized I was doing this when I worked the night shift at a hotel. This particular hotel required the night audit to also do laundry. One night while folding a sheet, I felt my trigger points on my chest start to "tighten up" and then had the burning pain around my rib cage. I stopped what I was doing, and realized I had been holding my breath.

Now, being a double Aquarian with a very analytical mind, I started analyzing the situation and realized when a flare up starts, I hold my breath and it was an involuntary thing. My mind replayed situations where I'd been hurt--I felt pain, like stubbing my toe and remembered that I momentarily held my breath upon initial impact and then continued breathing normally.

I now monitor myself for this involuntary behavior and MAKE myself breath. I wonder if this holding of the breath contributes to brain fog. I would ask my doctor about it but, 1) It sounds crazy (crazier than she already thinks I am LOL), 2) I usually don't have enough time with her to have this kind of discussion.

Just thought I'd throw this out there. Any thoughts on this?

Yes, I have discovered that I do the same at times. Lovette, I believe it is the same for me, at times when the pain is increasing. My body does it involuntarily.

There are many things our bodies do to protect us from various things.

Hi TinaWi,

The sighing could be from depression. It's one of the signs. I notice myself sighing a lot when my depression is bad.

This sounds like the first real "marker" I had that something was wrong with me. When I went into my doc and explained all this, and he ordered all the testing. My doc finally told me it was most likely a defense my body had against feeling pain. Too painful to expand the ribcage, even though I was not aware of that pain at the moment, so my brain wouldn't let me. {{{{{{{{{{{tina}}}}}}}}}} I feel your frustration with nothing showing up on x-ray or tests. At least now, we know we're NOT crazy :)