Himalayan bath salts? Scam or helpful?

I have heard Epsom salts are helpful.
Good reports about hot tubs.
Bubbles are a no brainer because they are just fun.
But what about Himalayan bath salts?
Has anyone tried them? Do you use them in combination with anything else? Are they worth the money? Do any essential oils work? I have heard they might work for some people. I am considering buying some. I would appreciate anyone’s insight if you have tried them. Thank you

Thank you Lovett!

Hi Tiffany,

I've never used them before, but here is some info on them, sounds promising, as much as Epsom salts help the aches and pains, I have fair, dry skin, so it really dries me out even more, apparently the Himalayan salts do not. They claim to detox you as well. I have eaten this salt from the health food store, and it tastes fabulous, now there may be a difference in the purity of what you eat and what you bathe with, but they claim it is extraordinarily rich in minerals too! Could be a hit!

Please let us know about trying them!


Thank you for the link! Hey, I also heard that eating this or sea salt, in addition to these baths are supposed to release oxygen? Into your body helping with the pain. Maybe some of the organics have tried it. I am looking forward to replies. Too bad it dries the skin out so bad. I could make a salve, coat it on you, wrap with an ace bandage…and see if you could move the next day! Sometimes I feel like all the approved medicines they have…are all still in the Guinea pig stage since they have no idea why an anti seizure medicine helps fibro. My next dumb idea was someone said going into a hyperbaric chamber for the hour( or allotted time?) helped with pain. They were talking about the salts also…I wish I could remember where I read that. Probrably junk medicine.


Makes sense, my Chiropractor insists that exercise (even walking) increases the heart rate, the flow of blood throughout the body, as well as the flow of oxygen to an injured or painful area of the body. Arthritic back pain (Spondylitls) is my biggest ailment, and I'll tell you, I do so much more walking when the weather is nice, and I always feel so much more limber and better in general.

Cold weather, and lack of motion are the worst things for me! I have been stretching out more, but it is not a substitute for cardio! Wish I could still go dancing, that would be some of the very best medicine! I do dance around with my little grandson, though I mostly just move my arms around these days! ha! He just laughs at me, and I love it! ha!

Wonder if this is covered by insurance and where the nearest tank is? I'm in! Sounds like lovett is too, what a video this would make!

This winter has been hard. Lots of people are just plain suffering from the effects. Can somebody just please put a quarter in the sun machine already! Some folks do better in the cold…but I don’t think the majority. I don’t. I’m off to go hide under ten blankets. I hope you all wake feeling rested!!

Tiffany, I make my own pink Himalayan salt mixes to soak in. It is simple. You can make a batch and store it in an airtight jar. 1 cup salts, 1/2 cup baking soda, then add essential oils, 10-30 drops. To learn about different essential oils, a nice well done and researched guide online is http://www.anniesremedy.com/ I'm fond of sandalwood, bergamot, rose, basil, or clary sage. If your budget allows, look into natural beauty books. Nice to have handy.

btw, the Himalayan salt is old sea salt, left from when the huge continental plates pushed up and formed the mountains. I use it sparingly to cook, because I'm allergic to iodine in regular table salt.

Thank you for the info! I will have to try it myself and on some family members soon.

A chiropractor I saw for a long time had me take epsom salt with baking soda baths. She also had me add a tiny bit of baking soda to my drinking water. She said that it reduces the excess acid. I like the bath, didn't get too much into drinking it. Many times I add baking soda to my epsom baths. Either way, it helps me. I don't think I'd spend a lot of money on the Himalayan product if it can be done this simply. Is that really all it is?