High heels

This might seem a silly topic but I’ve not been able to wear heels for over 10 years and I was wondering if anyone has any tips to release the pain that comes with wearing them?

hi samantha., Sorry, i have no tips for you. since i became ill i just stopped wearing them . i live in sneakers . i can not even balance myself to walk in heels. i threw them all out. I loved shoes and boots and the way they made me look taller and stuff. i am only 5 foot one so i really loved the look. But now its about feeling as comfortable as possible. My daughter bought me sketchers sneakers and i feel like i am walking on clouds. She bought me some 'easy spirit' sandals that have some heel or wedge for when i want to be a little more dressed up for some occasion. .here are some BIG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS for you!


I wish i could help too but I don't have the balance any more for them .

I think it's quite bizarre, but there are a few things that I have found difficult over the past few years, and have now found might be due to the fibro. Heels are a def no, didn't know why. Wearing clothes, especially my bra! Always when I was able I stripped off when I got home.. Can't stand heavy or tight clothes.

Yeah I thought it was a long shot lol. I used to find most of the pain was in my ankles because I was trying to stay balanced :frowning:

Hi Samantha,

If you really want to try heals the closest thing that you may be able to tolerate for a little while are orthotic heals from Dr Weils vionic shoes. They are not cheap, but are more tolerable that any thing else out there. I only wear mine for short periods only if I wont have to walk much. The balance is the same as flat footed amazingly which is very important as I can stumble in tennis shoes. I was so impressed. But like most of us I cant tolerate shoes except my Dr Weils or orthaheels. I have bought so many different bras trying to find one that's comfortable for more that a couple hours and stretch clothes are the staple for my wardrobe.

I have NEVER been able to wear high heels...lol...but I seem to have issue with even the slightest heel... I have such pain in my feet. I wear slip on comfortable sandals...I do not even worry about how they look... as long as I am comfortable. I have not got a chance to go looking for a good pair of sneakers just yet... I have a pair of sneakers that I can only wear for a little while and then my feet hurt... Iam finding that barefooted is good for me...lol... I go to my Dr.s and they walk in the room and I am standing their without my shoes on... something about their cold floors just make my feet feel good...LOL BUT I cannot walk on my tile floors without my shoes on...the cracks hurt my feet.LOL. Anyways I just do not do anything with a heal... I look for the flattest comfortable shoes with good support... BUT even the arch supports hurt my feet... and I have good arches...

Thanks for the site hun :slight_smile: x

I’ve lived in trainers for at least 10 years but I recently bought myself some wedges and they are great for balance as the less then a inch but still 10 minutes in them is 10 days of pure pain :frowning:

I have never been able to wear heels!:frowning: I mean, I am 5’11 so I don’t exactly need them but they look so nice:( I’m not able to walk/balance in them plus they cause me pain…ahhh I wish I could find the secret to walking in them. Lol

Oh God! Do I miss wearing heels! I look longingly at the heeled boots in my closet with angst. I can manage a 1 1/2" kitten heel without too much pain. That's about it. So sad.

You are welcome. I got a pair of sandals with heels and wore to a wedding and a funeral. I didn't lose my balance and my feet held up remarkably well.

I wear heels daily to work and most of the time I am comfortable. I had to switch to wedges a few years ago. I do pay for it occasionally but to me the trade off is worth it.