Hi i am Nina, I am a 24 year old who was diagnosed with fibro 8 months ago, but have been dealing with it since i was 16. i went through years of testing trying to rule out everything and last thing he could say was it was fibro. it killed my parents heart to know there daughter had to live with pain for the rest of her life. I struggle daily to get up and go to work and be physically active with my hubby and his 10 years son who loves to be outside and being busy. I look at them and will do what i need to spend time with them whether or not participating or just sitting watching. I also found flare up days happen often and as well as ibs, and also cant have any dairy to due blister start by my eyes. every sensitive skin. not many people out there understand fibro and its hard because i maybe mobile but some days i can barely roll over in bed. I live in a little community in alberta, canada. so not much support out here. i thought i would finally introduce myself.

thank you


Welcome Nina!!! You have come to the right place. There is so much loving suport here and everyone understands what you are going through.

Welcome Nina. Thank you for introducing yourself. You go girl and enjoy your husband and soon as much as you can. Those days that aren't so good you come here and cry and vent. You'll find support and understanding.

Hello Nina,

Nice to meet you, sounds like you are doing a great job already, you can only do your best. There are lots of self-help tips on here from people who have learned what works best for them. You can always come on here and find someone who understands. Good luck to you.

Take care, Anne