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Hi! Renee here

I’ve had chronic pain for about 20 years. Diagnosis of Fibro in 2007, also RA. but this year I was retested and do not have RA. I’m 59 yo and am a retired Electrician living in Arizona. I was on oxy for over 8 years and got myself off last spring. I currently use medical marijuana for pain. I find it helps with anxiety and helps me sleep.

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Hello Renee, and welcome to the Ben’s Friends Fibro support group! I’m so sorry to hear about your chronic pain - but I’m glad you found this site and decided to connect with us! I hope we can help provide you with the support and information you’re looking for. These discussion boards are also full of personal experiences in living with fibromyalgia, and the search bar at the top right might be useful in finding these stories, and asking any questions you might have. I hope this helps you get started!


You’re an electrician? Awesome! to survive the male-dominated training and workplace, you must be one Tuffgrrrl! And you are tuff enuff to deal with this, Renee! You go gurrrl!

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Hi Renee,

Welcome welcome! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I’m Dave and I was diagnosed with fibro shortly after you. I’m 38 whose had a heart and kidney transplant. The kidney was from my mom who then shortly after was diagnosed with MS. It’s my belief I got fibro from that because of the timing but there are no studies to confirm this theory. I have been on the same med for awhile now and it helps me. I have tried medical marijuana and that helps although I find edibles to help on a really bad day.

I am also a helpful (I like to think so lol) moderator. Feel free to check everything out and do some postings. If you have questions you can ask @ModSupport or myself @Davey02766. This site is great to talk about what works for us and what doesn’t. Sometimes people have ideas for other community members. Or if you are having a rough day like we all do very frequently you can vent and I know I especially will listen I make friends with everybody hehe. I try at least. Hope this finds you well!



Hi! I’m Lori. Nice to meet you.
I have been dealing with Sjogren’s Syndrome for years now but was only diagnosed with Firbro on top of it about a year ago. Apparently its pretty common to develop it with SS.
I can’t take pain killers so cbd and medicinal it is. And I agree Dave, edibles are better on a really bad day. I’m so glad people are getting educated about it and the stigma is being lifted.
Nice to meet you both.

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I think the stigma is still there but more and more people are educating themselves like you said and more states are legalizing it like where I am in Massachusetts. I could get a medical license but I don’t want to shell out more money. Having said that if I had an edible I would be no good for the day or the day after so it’s a double-edge sword.

I guess I get hopeful because my Doc is so open to conversation. You are right though. I don’t have a medicinal card because I live in NY and we can’t trust the politicians here. People don’t want to be “on record” with it for concerns about work or licenses.
As for edibles, I use only 1/4 to 1/8 of one at a time so I don’t get the heavy effect. Just enough to take some of the edge off the pain. I need to function.
I think I mentioned on another post that I am dealing with an autoimmune with Fibro developing later but Fibro seems to be the one giving me more trouble. Its tough to navigate pain relief.

Welcome to the group
Any questions you may have feel free to ask.