Hi guys i need some ideas

Hello all

I dont know if any of you may have ideas, i have hit a bad patch at the minute and need ideas of things i can do to keep me occupied while i am virtually bed bound.

Hope you are all well and hope to speak soon

H xxx

When I am bed ridden, I like to read. If you have a kindle there are lots of free books on amazon to download. I also like word search puzzles. I knit also, but can only do that for short periods of time because my arms and fingers start to hurt. Lifetime TV has some great movies on it too! Sorry your bed bound, hopefully it won’t be for long! Hugs - Kim

Thanks all, i feel so sad at the minute as i cant do anything and i hate asking for help lol x

Hi - I have been off work for 6 weeks now due to my Fibro and during this time I have read 4 novels and watched all 5 seasons of “Breaking Bad”. This TV series that is now over has got to be one of the best TV series ever made. It kept me occupied, entertained, and aware that there are others out there who have problems too. Netflix and Amazon Prime both have it but Netflix is the better deal as you can watch all 5 seasons within a month for $7.99. If you decide to watch “Breaking Bad”, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Many thanks for your reply i will have a look at breaking bad as it sounds like it could keep me occupied :)

Haley xx


Many thanks for the tips, i will try these things and yes i agree i need to take care of myself instead of punishing myself thinking that im letting people down.

You sound like you have everything set so you have an easier maybe more relaxed life lol.

Hope you are not suffering to much at the moment.

Haley xx


Puzzles and movies are the way forward at the moment :)

Haley x


Its nice to be able to turn somewhere where people can help and understand me. Hopefully i will be back pottering about someday soon xxx


Yes i am going to try and keep chatting and staying feeling as human as i can lol.

Thanks for your reply x