Hi everybody

Don't think I got round to introducing myself when I joined here so here goes.

I am a 53 year old Mum of two girls, living in Wales, UK. Older girl is at college training to be a nanny. Younger girl has undiagnosed autistic spectrum disorder (she's diagnosed with language processing disorder and learning difficulties.)

I am married and my dh tries very hard to understand my pain and is patient with the fact that I need to rest in between bouts of activity.

Only recently 'diagnosed' if you can call it that with GP's best guess that what I have is fibro after all the blood tests were clear. Had a low back injury last Easter and when the pain of that left I realised that the pain in my upper back was more of a problem. Nothing seemed to help that and after registering that I had pain in all sorts of places and had not had a day free of pain for at least 7 months I went back to GP. The more I read and understand about fibro I think he is right and it explains lots of odd symptoms I get as well.

Looking forward to getting to know you on here. Thanks for letting me join.

Hello Quilting queen,

Good to hear your story. It is a familiar one for many of us on here. A trauma or an injury responsible for the start of it. I am a few years older, 58, and diagnosed a few months ago but suffering pain for 2 years. Luckily my children are a bit older and left home. They and my partner a great support, you so need that. What upsets me the most is that I am not able to give my grandchildren the time that I used to give them. This is a good place to share worries, but also a very positive place as everyone tries to live the best life they can. Oooh, I am also in UK, Hampshire.

Take care, Anne

Welcome Quilting Queen I am glad to meet you! It is really important to work with your body and find things that help. It often takes time to find what works well for you. The wonderful people here have many great suggestions and I am sure you will find compassion and understanding here. Hugs!!!

Thanks for the welcome both of you. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better - and improving my geography as I learn where you live, ha ha. Not my strongest subject.