Hi all

hi im new to this site, its always nice to know u are not on your own and that someone understands the condition.im 34 yrs old but my body feels more like an 84 yr old!tired of going to see my doc, he just ups my meds instead of trying something new! wat meds are everyone else using?thanks x

Hi, nicola! I’m new as well. I just started gabapentin yesterday.

Hi Nicola,

Nice to meet you : ) I understand the feeling of being so young and feeling old. I'm 27. If you feel the meds your doctor is prescribing are not helpful, have you considered seeing a specialist or changing doctors? I went to a new Rheumatologist last week and it really changed my perspective on the medical system and treatments. I have had bad experiences with doctors in the past as well. I found that advocating for myself and not giving up when it comes to finding a new provider were the keys to finding a doctor that really meets my needs. This is a long battle and if we don't advocate for ourselves and our needs, it can be an uphill struggle. Are you seeing a primary care doctor for your treatment or a specialist?



Hi Nicola,

I feel like I’m very old too. Hoping something will work.

I’ve been on lots of meds. Gabapentin, Lyrica and now Savilla. Lyrica worked but I was starting to swell up like a balloon. Savilla is making me very dizzy but going to give it a little longer. Gabapentin did nothing even at 1800 mg per day.

Hoping you find a med that works.

Here if you need anything. Gentle hugs.


Hello Nicola,

I feel that I am very old, too - but then I am, 58. So really do feel for you, so young and having to deal with this.

Increasingly I am realising that just taking more and more meds is not the way to go, Docs also need educating on this! Talking and listening to other sufferers may give you an insight to other ways of coping. Pacing yourself, asking for help from family, saying No when you know it will cause you pain, relaxation, meditation techniques, mindfulness. there are lots of different things you can try - and other members will share their experiences with you.

Take care, Anne

Hi Nicola!! Thank for you the gift!! you definitely are not on your own. :) Come back soon

i have been on a lot of meds and truth u need to find out what works for you. Have u ever sat and wrote a list head to toe whats going on in your body, how it effects you. sorry ur finding just now hard things i could not live with out is posted on my page on things that have helped me, one step at time ok new here too :) <3

Welcome, Nicola!