Hi all idlike to say something

effeor xr is a horrable medication and its sideeffects suck if your doc puts u on it do some reserch first on the med i have lost almost all progress i had made before starting this med iv tried to make it to my appointment thinking it might lighten up but 3 days to it and I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!! i walking in later today

my sideffects include:

a 3 week headach on and off mostly on

incressed migrains

cant do anything

making my gabapenton useless

i cant see sh*t

my body is on fire half the time

horrable BO not even deoterant and calone can cover

incressed anger by alot!!!!!!

cant get sad at all not even a lil

i feel like some one has stuck a neddle in my eye every 10- 20 mins

cant bust a nut wife or not sorry for that one but dudes need to know that one cause week long blue balls sux

almost falling flat on my face muitable times when getting up

cant sleep

benge eating

and a almost month long flair up with a cpl hrs of magical pain free followed by lots of pain

im not going to fire my doc cause it took long nuff to get one and i know he is only trying to help but docs really need to warn u about stuff so from now on if a med gets added im doing my own damn reserch on the med before i buy or take it yes all meds can have side effects but if i would of known these are all caused by the new med and not thought i was screwing something up i sure as hell would of went back sooner than i am

Oh brent! So sorry to hear all of this! It is definitely NOT a med for you! So what's next my friend?

tramodol er 100 mg

methocarbamol 500mg 2x

trazodone 50 mg x2

gabapenton 600mg 3x

and my doc telling me to file for disability and getting a big shot of toradol in the hip cause bp was really high for me 145/95 and pulse 130 sitting and shaking bad cause of pain i am normaly around 101/60 and 60 pulse

so i have finaly broke down and filed for ssdi which is really hard for me cause its admitting to my self i will proble never be the same as i was

and my doc also told me i am probley making my self worce by every time i feel a lil ok going out and trying to do stuff and over doing it

i really dont know what the heck to do hopfuly ssdi comes through and i can get proper treatment be cause cash treatment is limited on what they can do and the meds they can priscribe