Shut the front door! I get to talk about me? What a wonderful world this is!

I currently reside in the frigid land known as Minnesota during this, the 35th year of my life. I have a wonderfully helpful, albeit klutzy dog named Mousse who dominates my bed and freaks out when I don't leave room for her on the couch. I am allowed to be here because of the amazing kindness and generosity of the oh holy cats, their Majesties Waldorf and Statler, controllers of the sun and moon. I have traveled the world, speak a few other languages poorly (besides English), I once upon a time wrestled like Hulk Hogan, and was a trained killer at 18. - when I put it that way, I'm interesting!

I was in the US Army until I was 22. I funked up my hip while on active duty and with the joys of fibro, have had that to compound my injury. I've struggled to hold numerous jobs since leaving the Army, but due to the pain from my hip and fibro and the exhaustion from fibro, I haven't been able to hold onto anything permanently. I am currently unemployed. I receive money from the VA for my disability, but would love to earn more. I am an artist, there are very few legit mediums I can't do. I would love to find the energy to create enough art to sell to help me out of my current situation.

I'm here looking for the support and motivation to keep to a regular schedule and to learn the best way, currently known, to improve the unwanted 'blessing' that is fibro. Thank you all very much, this is Kelly signing off, I shall now return you to your previously scheduled activity.

Glad you have you here, Kelly. I like your feathered friend, too. Your post made me smile.

Thanks! Glad to know it's not just me I amuse :)

Hi Kelly, what a great introduction! Glad you took the time so we can know a little about you. Hugs.

Hello Kelly,

I am enjoying your posts, keep them up!

Take care, Anne

Hi RD,

Welcome, I know it will be fun knowing you since we have so much in common (Fibro and Army).

Have you tried to sell your art on etsy? I would love to see some of your work.

Look forward to numerous chats with you.


Welcome Kelly,

What an awesome post. I am from that frigid land north of you in Canada. And I have an equally crazy dog who is a bed hog and likes to wrap up in my duvet like a burrito, leaving me without a cover on many a night. LOL. I hope you enjoy your time here. Hugs!!! ST

Welcome friend, You sound like a natural entertainer. I know I appreciate your post. Keep giving us more!

I am a natural entertainer! I have been told numerous times in my life that I need to be a comedian or a talk show host. I could totally do the talk show route! One hour of show per day, 5 days a week, make lot of money, sounds like my kind of job! Someday I hope to be able to do community theater. A stage is where I belong! Or in a warm bed, sleeping.

Your post made me SMILE, thank you for that!

You sound like a positive and energetic person which I work at in spit of Fibro.

It is good to hear that you are eating healthy and that you have some wonderful animals to keep you company. I have a dog and he is wonderful!

I hope that you find the support that you need through this group!

Hi Kelly,

Great having you on the site :) You've motivated me to get meditating and im grateful!


Hello Kelly

I loved your post.