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Hello Everyone,

I'm new here thought I would introduce myself and give a little info so give me a little time since I'm new this may be long lol. I haven't yet been diagnosed with fibro I see the doctor wed. next week. Anyways I will give everyone some background on me. I was diagnosed as a young tee nwith depression and possible bipolar. I went through therapy and lots of medication often times I ended up feeling way worse. At 16 I got pregnant with my first child ( I have 4 now) and stopped all meds. Rewind as a teen I knew I was always tired but what teen isn't right?? But this was a huge tired like I was always sleeping in class at home at night ALWAYS!! I always got yelled at for it by my mom and at school so I was put on trazadone to help sleep at night through the night. Yeah didn't work. Fast forward. During my second pregnancy I started getting migraines horrible migraines and back pain I would complain constantly about it until my OB sent me to a neuro and physical therapy. We did MRI's and massage also meds. Got me nowhere. In November 2011 I was pregnant with my 4th child and started having horrible stomach pain told my OB he said oh probably gallbladder he gave me tylenol 3 and had a sono done it showed nothing. So he brushed it off. I said bull so I went to my general doctor they did another sono same thing they told me if things got worse call back sent me home with pain meds and zofran for the vomiting. It got to the point I couldn't hold water down. Needless to say I ended up with my gallbladder out at 23 weeks pregnant BUT I also ended up with a pnuemothorax collapsed lung during surgery ( yay dumb doctors!). So I had 4 chest tubes and a long hospital stay. After that I went down hill. But had a healthy baby girl at 37 weeks ( my others were all preterm yay me!). So after this pregnancy I found out the damage from the pnuemo to my lung was horrible I can't breath ever the pain sometimes is unbearable and so on. Then I started getting migraines back after stopping breastfeeding. So I got in to see a pain clinic through my GP he put me on tramadol and lyrica as well as zanaflex and tried a nerve block for my lung. The tramadol only worked so long then it gave me rebound headaches, the lyrica made me go into deep depression and the zanaflex im still on. We also tried savella I hated it made me feel horrible I will never ever go on that stuff again. I told him about my back pain he ignored me I told him I thought maybe it might be from the way I sit due to my lung again big fat ignore. So I found a different clinic and they were great started treating me for my migraines and my back pain/lung pain im now on hydrocodone, topamax, and zanalfex. But the last visit was horrible I walked in thinking I would have MRI results read with my doctor I was warned about another doctor and told not to see him at all under any circumstances. Well found out 4 doctors including mine quit and guess who came in to see me yep the doctor who I was not supposed to see he was a jerk and wanted to hear nothing i had to say. I walked out and never want to go back. So after that I did some research on the tiredness, the general pain, the depression, anxiety, bladder, ect. I found fibro and was surprised my grandmother and aunt on my moms side do have it so it's in my genes i have no clue why i didn't think about it before. I hope I get answers soon I really do the last year has been hard on me some nights I lay in bed crying because im in so much pain I can't sleep sometimes I am asleep but still feel the pain. Some mornings I wake up and can't even move. It's hard really hard how do I support 4 kids feeling like this?? By the way my name is Ayson I am 25 and married :-)

Sorry and Gents lol I am so used to mom groups!

Hi Ayson! Welcome to the group! You have surely been through a lot, I hope that you can find the right Dr to care for you. It is very possible that you do have fibro, especially if you have it in your family. I hope that all of you can get some good care and get in a better place, it's tough when the regular meds don't work for you!

There are many here to meet and talk to, there are hundreds of postings, with every topic under the sun!

Wishing you well,


BTW, there are also a few men here with fibro!

Dear Alyson

Oh my you have been through a lot and still no proper diagnosis. Unfortunately this is the case for many people who have finally been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It is not easy to diagnose. It is most important that you keep hunting til you find a doctor who will listen to you, one who believes in fibromyalgia and who diagnoses you correctly. Sometimes that takes a fair bit of time so be patient, but persistent until you find the right doctor.

We support you and understand your frustration because many of us have been there.

Gentle hugs


hello Ayson, I am also new to this group. I am sorry that you have had such a rough time of it. It is important to find a good doctor who will support you and work with you in a positive manner. I have 8 boys and understand how hard it is to take care of kids when you feel so crummy. I have had fibro. going on 4 years now. I am fortunate in that 5 of my boys are teens and young adults, so they are helpful around the house. It is hard for them to understand the difficulties of fibro. and at times think that i am just being lazy, sitting on the couch. I am guessing that your children are young since you are only 25. Is there anyway that you can enlist outside help to help you care for the kids and do some housework? Maybe hire a teenager to help out on certain days. Be kind to yourself and don't stress out that you are not able to keep up with everything. Pick the important things, like nurturing your children and let some of the other stuff go---you will not be able to do it all--let go of any supermom visions you might have. When my flare ups get bad, I spend time on the couch or in bed reading to my younger children. I turned a frustrating time into a time of closeness with my kids. I homeschool my kids and I just tell them we are doing bed-school when I don't feel well. they bring their books into my bedroom and we do school while mom lies down. My youngest is 6 right now, so I don't have any babies or toddlers anymore. I don't have a lot of advice for keeping up with little people, just do the best you can and let the rest of it go.

Thank you everyone for the replies! I am a working mom of 4 ages 7,5,4, and 15 months old my husband also works but he helps when he can and my parents also work and help out. Some days are just extremely hard I also just started a new job and I'm having a hard time with that since I don't want to over do it but at the same to I don't want to lose my job. I am a CNA so it's heavy lifting at times for the most part I have someone help me and maybe once in a while I have to just pick someone up by myself. Anyways I have been with this facility about a month and I just told my boss about the fibro a few days ago. She didn't really say anything hopefully they will be understanding. I just don't know how to support my family but at the same time I know I am hurting so bad some days I have really overdone myself. It's been really hard lately. And with a toddler running around as you can imagine I feel like I am neglecting her to get rest at times. I am also going to school right now to finish my education and hopefully will be done with that by the end of this winter and get a break for a while.

Also I want to add. My mother is a RN and sometimes I have a hard time with her. She sometimes tells me I am just a whiner or to stop complaining. She is going through menopause and quite edgy at the moment so I know that plays a part but some days I want to knock her out lol. I don't know how to explain to her that I hurt really bad and the pain is real.

Dear alys

You are indeed a very busy mother of four very young children. then you add a job outside the home which means that you are coming home needing an uninterrupted rest for 30 to 60 minutes. Then you might be ready to take on your children and interact with them, but you don't get this most necessary rest. On top of this you are also going to school. Oh my goodness Alys you have enough on your plate to make a well bodies person tired!!!

Be kind to yourself.