Here is one of my favorite topics that I could read about that take my mind off of my pain.The Future of Tech is Wearable

Are there any other technology lovers out there. I'd like to show you something that I just recently found on CNN.COM, Google has made The Future of Tech is Wearable. Here is the link, it is better you read it yourself, but I will say that once this hits the streets, our heads will not be in our laps, and the cell phone will not be so popular anymore.

Well that is great, you can start wearing prescription glasses next year. LOL, just kidding. I love this stuff, it makes me wonder what our world will look like more, the Jetson's or Star Trek ?

LOl, but I really want to see cars fly before my generation is over.

Well you wouldn't fall far, because I believe there is a Catch the Falling Person patrolling hovering mobile. LOL

I don't like to stick my finger in my eyes either. I wear reading glasses, until after this appointment I am going to schedule. I may need the glasses then. LOL but I wonder if I can pre order the frame with the internet?