Here is a list of all the things that have been added since my Firbo diagnosis

Hi everyone - I am going to just really 'lay it out here' and see if you have any of these symptoms since you were diagnosed with Fibro. Here it goes -

1 - first thing - diagnosed with Fibro when I was in my early 40s

2 - developed migraines

3 - essential tremors of hands and head

4 - Off blanace

5 - skin sensitivity

6 - cold sensitivity

7 - Neuropathy (nerve disorder)

8 - sensitivity to sounds and noise

9 - developed other types of Arthritis besides my FIbro

10 - edema of the legs (water retention)

11 - very poor sleeping habits

12 - knees 'give out' sometimes

13 - Fibro fog

14 - have been getting very dry skin - which I have never had a problem with before. Especially the feet.

I think this covers it for now. Probably later in in my life - I will be jotting a few mores things. Never ends - does it?? Love, Laurie

you do make a person laugh with the way u write things. i have a list much the same only longer. and u r right it doesnt seem to end. my dry skin is now in my scalp and i have to use head and sholders. i feel like i need to take a bath in lotion lol.

i hope that u can find a way to get some of these issues under control. i am hopeful that research will some day really soon find a med that will help all of us and that everyone will be able to take it with out any problems and not a ton of side effects. till then its just one day at a time putting one foot infront of the other.

many hugs xxx

I get some of them, Laurie. Off balance, Arthritis, poor sleep, knees give out, fibro fog.

I don't think any of your symptoms would not fit in with fibro symptoms. I think that all of them are covered by fibro.

Thanks Pet!! I was telling someone on the site this morning, that since I have been communicating with everyone here, I have noticed so many things that are being related to Fibro that I didn't really know before. It's never ending. isn't it?? Hugs! Laurie

That it is, Laurie! But there is also some level of relief in knowing that something quite bothersome is just another fibro symptom, not something horrible. I serve one client who is in her 80's and who just recently learned she has fibro - imagine that? Getting it at that point and having to learn how to deal with it along with aging? She has knee problems just like ours. I told her I had the same thing and mine was due to fibro. Poor lady, doesn't even know the half of what symptoms of hers are fibro-related and it's not like she can just pop online to learn.

There are big lists of fibro symptoms that we post from time to time. They are very helpful, as they cover some odd ailments that can be hard to think of as being fibro related.

Hi Pet - 80 Years old???? OMG!! What a horrible thing to thrust on someone at that age! Jeez! Look at all we contend with and it's awful. I don't think she will have the strength, really, to put up with it all, do you?? I guess if I was meant to get Fibro, I should appreciate the fact that it hit me in my early 40s. Love, Laurie

I just started experiencing the dry scalp problem, use to be my scalp was oily now it itches, it is dry and flaky. Is it dandruf will head & shoulders help? I am pretty new to all of this also so I learn alot from everyone on here.

Gentle hugs all

Hi M&M - yes, Head and shoulders will help, but be sure your hair is healthy though. It's fairly strong stuff to use. But it will stop the itchiness. Laurie

my mom is a hair dresser and u need to use a product with zinc in it to really help. i use head and sholders and i am very senstive. u can also u a product with tea tree oil but if u have dandraf it will not help with that. i use both one day i use one and the next day the other. u can not get tea tree shampoo with out going to a store that sells salon products. we have a store named Sallys and they sell generic of name brand hair products.

i just thought i would jump in and offer my advice hope u dont mind

Hi rattled - Your ear problem may be Tinnitus. This is what I have been going through on and off for over 20 years. It was diagnosed just shortly after my Fibro was. We are just basically a mess - aren't we?? (Smile). If your ear problem is chronic, they do have wonderful surgery for it now. Love, Laurie

Hi Rattled - I am very nervous about the fact that if this Tinnitus doesn't clear up - I may need surgery. I don't trust hospitals or doctors very much anymore - what with all the ridiculous mistakes they have been making over the years. Today, I do feel a lot better as far as my right ear. I will just have to take things slow for now and see what happens. Love, Laurie

Hi Rattled - you are so detailed - I love it!! LOL My Tinnitus is nerve related. Actually, believe or not, I had horrible ear infections when I was very little, I still have the memory of all the pain I went through. Because of what I went through, I do have some hearing loss in my right ear, but it hasn't effected me too much. I hear relatively fine. I do have trouble hearing really high pitch sounds. But that's it. Laurie

My son went through hell with ear infections until he was 6 and they finally put tubes in his ears, so they would drain properly. My grandson started having them about the time he started to come for weekends or weeks at the age of 4 or 5 and I found probiotics that were good for inner ear problems and he never had another ear infection! Imagine that! This was not the particular link I was looking for, but close.

I know, huh? How would you cope with fibro if you got it at that age? I can't even imagine. Then there's some sort of myalgia that old people get that also doesn't go away. What awful things to end up with in your golden years.

That ear surgery sounds pretty amazing. I had no idea the inner ear bones could be reconstructed. How wonderful. It's just a shame that it didn't last. I give Laurie and you credit, I think I'd go out of my mind with all of that ear noise.