Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

Helpful Suggestions

I radically changed my diet to help my symptoms, and although not much fun to begin with once you feel considerably better you don’t want - at least I don’t - the foods that make symptoms worse. I gave up sugar - completely - even if it is listed as an ingredient I don’t eat it. none whatsoever . Also, all simple carbohydrates - wheat, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. such things turn to sugar in the body quickly. Occasional brown rice, wheat free bread, sweet potatoes and other than that fruit and vegetables and very occasionally fish, eggs and cheese - oh yeah an no milk from animals… this all helped heaps - I had almost normal levels of energy so then could exercise as I had been told that helps too - it does - cycling (and swimming when possible) has helped no end, losing a few KGs along the way wasn’t unwelcome either…

not meaning to be preachy, just sharing - but I know stress is another problem for the immune system and that is unavoidable - unless you become a hermit - so If it’s that, my suggestions might go some way to help you.